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Open it, the most conspicuous thing about the cigarette is the same color match with the color of the cigarette pack. It is commonplace for us smokers. Above, the first puff of smoke entered the mouth softly, with a faint olive scent. I can’t believe it is the style of the Jiangxi style. It lacks the "direct" flavor transmission, but is smooth, fresh, slow and sweet. The expectation is that this kind of olive fragrance controls the "resolution" of the mouth. It is really out of impression, similar to the herbal fragrance of mid-to-high-end tobacco products, but it is quite different. If it tests the taste organs in my mouth, and asks me to say one, two, three, the feeling of this entrance is too biased towards the new era, but it is a refined version of the new era. The smoke flavor is passed to the middle of the tongue slowly, and the unique flavor is scented; the smoke flavor that combines the tobacco leaf and the formula is transmitted, soft and mellow, and it blooms clearly in the lip cavity and slightly sweet. The sweetness is delicate and layered, from shallow to pure Carton Of Cigarettes, from pure to light and thick, the smell of smoke is almost plump and slightly down. The rich fragrance is really neutral. The smoke is rich but not explosive, it is really filled in the mouth, there is no noise attack, and the aroma is close to abundant. Entering the throat uninterruptedly, hitting like a dragonfly in water Cheap Cigarettes, swallowing with a slight heat, almost no irritation in the throat, a real and actual mid-range smoking process. The smoke entering the lungs is also considered real Wholesale Cigarettes, which can start the power of the circulatory system, but the space for refilling the airflow is not small. Yanjin exists calmly, and it must be said that it is a good smoke for people nearby.
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