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s a child, my sister upstairs always play

 von gfgfgfgfgfgf5 , 31.10.2018 08:46

s a child, my sister upstairs always plays the piano after a meal. Listening to my mother, I often put down the toys in my hands and dance with the beautiful melodies. The melodious sound of the piano attracts me like a magnet. When I was four years old, my mom and dad bought the piano for me. Since then, I have had a close relationship with the piano. remember the first time I opened the lid, and I carefully touched the keyboard with one finger, and a beautiful voice slammed into my ear. Suddenly I laughed and danced on the piano with my little hands over and over again. The sound of the pop-up was messy, but I still found it very interesting. Learning the piano is a joy. Every time I play the piano, I have a pleasant sound in my hand, and my heart has an inexplicable affection for the piano Newport 100S. It is unclear and unclear. With the help of the teacher and my mother, I successfully passed the 8th level.is year, it has reached the seventh year of my piano playing, and it has also ushered in a more difficult test: to challenge the 9th level Cigarette Online. Level 9 tracks are not only difficult, but also emotionally rich. This can be difficult for me, to know that I am born with a cheerful personality, there is very little gentle side, and one of the songs "Girl with Linen Hair" shows that a blonde is bathing in the sun Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, very quiet and elegant. And this is my rare experience. In order to accurately express this kind of emotion, I took all the time I could use to watch the performance demonstration. I listened repeatedly during the interval between eating, sleeping, and even writing at night. My mother specially found me a live video of the famous pianist Lang Lang on the Internet. I also watched it over and over again, watching him deal with different sections, sometimes soothing, sometimes long, and I saw it in front of my eyes. A picture of a beautiful and gentle girl whispering quietly. During the class, the teacher also patiently explained to me how to express the skills of this piece of music Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. Take a deep breath before playing, and the whole person should calm down first. Also be fully engaged when playing. Slowly, my playing is getting better. The family also said that through the practice of this song, the whole person was quieter than the original and calmed down a lot. It seems that by playing the piano, I not only honed my persistent will, but also gradually influenced my character and made my mind more calm and calm.wadays, whenever I hear the beautiful piano sound I play Carton Of Cigarettes, I can deeply appreciate the beauty of music. The music brings me endless joy, and I grow up with me every day. I love music and love piano more.

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s a child, my sister upstairs always play gfgfgfgfgfgf5 31.10.2018

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