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FendiPeekaboo, red to purple, do you really understand?

 von hotnewsaa , 01.01.2019 11:47

The singer Adele designed the special handbag PeekabooBagBugs for FENDI. In those few years, it was probably peaceful and popular, and it opened the bag back. This Peekaboo satisfactorily satisfies the low-key display of many girls at that time. The demand, like its Chinese nickname "peekaboo" package, Peekaboo's inner part is sometimes more visible than the outside, the basic Peekaboo is mostly high-end goatskin, and the inside is the Fendi classic canvas double FLOGO. The custom or limited edition skin is more diverse, it can be snakeskin, suede, sequins, canvas embroidery, fur, and even gold crocodile pieces. I have to mention that Fendi has personally customized this Fake Fendi Peekaboo Bag. Service, that is to say, a Replica Luxury Bag can be decided by you from the outside to the inside, if you go to customize it, you may wish to engrave your name!

In fact, Peekaboo has not made a big splash in the past few years. Some European and American stars, fashion bloggers, and mainland Hong Kong and Taiwan stars have been known and used. At that time, it was very representative of Kim Kardashian, Faye Wong, and Sarah. Jessica Parker, Blake Lively, Jennifer Garner and other stars.

Peekaboo's real popularity was not overnight, it's two or three years. The red-eyed Peekaboo monster bag was definitely one of its heroes. It's only a hidden monster. Drop the side of the bag, it will quietly peep out the eyes, so that the pen is straight at you, so the correct use of this bag is to open and drop the side of the Replica Discount Fendi Handbags, reveal the pattern inside the bag .

Peekaboo monster bag and monster fur ornaments
After Peekaboo became more and more fired, it was inseparable from the popularity of its mini bag. After Peekaboo launched the mini model, it spread from the detail of the T station to the street. I was impressed by the American celebrity Olivia Palermo. After it's mini model, it burst into red and became the bag that many girls dreamed of.

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