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U.S. giant automaker Chrysler Group LLC said Wednesday it is issuing four new recall campaigns covering about 560 Breeland Speaks Black Jersey ,000 vehicles, including 490,000 cars and SUVs worldwide to fix defective electronics in head restraints.

Three of the recalls are to fix electronic glitches. Chrysler said the new recall will address problems with active head restraints, which are designed to reduce or prevent neck injuries by automatically moving forward during certain rear-impact collisions. Potentially faulty microcontrollers in some vehicles may prevent the systems from functioning properly.

The recall covers 442 Steven Nelson Camo Jersey ,000 vehicles in the U.S., 25,000 in Canada, 10 Armani Watts Camo Jersey ,000 in Mexico and 12,000 outside North America. Affected vehicles are 2011-2013 Chrysler Sebring, 200 and Dodge Avenger midsize cars; 2011-2013 Jeep Liberty SUVs; and 2011-2012 Dodge Nitro SUVs.

Separately, Chrysler will recall approximately 69 Dorian O'Daniel Camo Jersey ,000 pickups worldwide to update their electronic stability control software. Chrysler is also recalling 1,060 commercial trucks in North America, more than half of which are in dealer hands, to inspect and replace Derrick Nnadi Camo Jersey , if necessary, a track-bar fastener.

In addition, Chrysler also will recall 226 2013 minivans in North America, most of which are in dealer hands Chris Conley Camo Jersey , to replace their air bag control modules. The modules were inadvertently programmed with software that may compromise air bag deployment.

According to local media the Detroit News, the Auburn Hills automaker has now issued 11 separate recall campaigns since early June, after it mounted a public fight with the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration over fire risks in older Jeep SUVs.

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