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LANZHOU Hombre Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 Negras Azules España , China, July 15 (Xinhua) -- Croatia's Radoslav Rogina from Adria Mobil grabbed the yellow jersey as the overall leader, toppling Hossein Alizadeh from RTS-Santic Racing Team after the 10th stage of the 14th Tour of Qinghai Lake cycling race.

Mattia Gavazzi came first in Wednesday's race and Alizadeh retained his blue jersey that represents the best Asian rider.

The 10th stage covers 100 kilometers and includes three sprints.

The 2015 tour lasts 14 days and covers 2,940 kilometers.

Jason Mraz Photo: CFP

Soothing and relaxing, is how I'd describe it. You may not be stuck by the rhythm the first time you hear one of his songs Hombre Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 Negras Blancas España , but the more you listen to them, the more you find yourself lost in a calm countryside or on a sunny beach.

This is the magic of Jason Mraz's music.

And when it comes to live concerts there are always a few extra surprises, so now is a good time to get yourself prepared for a music feast as the US singer songwriter is coming to China again.

On March 30 and April 1, as part of his new tour to promote his latest album YES!, Mraz Hombre Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 JP Negras Grises España , together with Raining Jane, will stop at Chengdu and Shanghai.

Old friends, new album

Released last summer, YES!, the singer-songwriter's fifth studio album Nike Hyperdunk España , sees the first formal cooperation between Mraz and all-girl folk band Raining Jane.

Long-time friends with the members of Raining Jane, Mraz explained that their friendship started about eight years ago, when the girls performed at a festival. Though the decision to make an album together came only a year ago, the five had collaborated together on projects for years, and so most of songs in the new album were actually written before the idea of making an album had even come up.

"It was really organic Nike React Hyperdunk España ," the Atlantic musician described the album in an e-mail interview with the Global Times, adding that touring with Raining Jane had long been a dream of his. "They bring such gratitude and freshness to the stage."

Featuring hit song "Love Someone," YES! has been regarded as one of the most anticipated new albums of last summer. Yet, seeing these songs performed live is not the only benefit of heading to his concert, as Mraz has promised some new interpretations of old works: "I'll be taking that song landscape and applying it to old songs from my previous records."

Since Mraz and Raining Jane both love acoustic music and instruments Nike React Element 87 España , performing totally unplugged is another feature of the YES! tour

"That's what we love: sitting in a room, playing music and singing together," Mraz wrote. "So that's why the album sounds the way it does. It's built on a foundation of joy."

Life besides music

Born in Virginia in 1977, the 37-year-old Mraz is often seen as a big boy in the public's eyes. He seems to be obsessed with various hats and caps, always appearing wearing a fedora and with a guitar.

Well-known for songs like "I'm Yours Nike Air Span II España ," "Lucky," and "I Won't Give Up" - many of which are often played at weddings - Mraz used to call himself by the nickname "Wizard" when he was just starting out.

Few people can disagree with this name, for it's hard to think of a better word to describe this singer who plays guitar and sings with such a dream-like quality and a touch of sadness.

However, moving into the more mainstream arena, being more sunny and open seems to have become the singer's new approach.

Mraz's route from a coffee house singer in San Diego to a world famous Grammy Award winner is truly an inspiring story for anyone with dreams of their own Yet Nike Flex 2018 RN España , Mraz explained he also has a rich life besides music, as well.

"I am either studying sustainable agriculture and urban farming or some new hobby or new interest of mine," Mraz said. "And I've been studying yoga as well recently."

Apparently he is also an avocado farmer, something most people don't associate with musicians.

"It was kind of an accident. I just wanted to live out in nature. When I realized there were hundreds of avocado trees here, I thought Nike Odyssey React España , I can keep this going," Mraz explained to the Global Times about his new lifestyle.

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