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WARSAW Cheap Anders Lee Jersey , Jan. 27 (Xinhua) -- The official ceremony commemorating the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz in Poland 71 years ago started on Wednesday.

Polish President Andrzej Duda said in his speech at the event: ""Auschwitz is and will always be... a great sign and a warning. A warning of what may happen when the leadership gets lost and confuses the society; ... of what may happen if the international law is being broken but the international community does not react to this; of what may happen if one country attacks the other.""

Duda also paid tribute to the guests gathered, among whom were roughly 80 Auschwitz survivors, saying, ""I am thankful for your presence today, the presence of witnesses of this frightful truth about Auschwitz.""

The anniversary was attended by representatives of several states, including Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, delegations from Israel and Russia, as well as several prominent Polish politicians and respected Polish figures.

Auschwitz concentration camp was established by the Nazis in 1940 following the Nazi attack on Poland in 1939. By 1942, Auschwitz had become the biggest place in Europe dedicated to the mass extermination of European Jews. According to estimates, 1.1 million people lost their lives at the camp including Jews, Polish, Roma, and Russians, among others.

The concentration camp was liberated by the Soviet Army on Jan. 27, 1945, a day which became International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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UNITED NATIONS, Jan. 19 (Xinhua) -- The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) said on Tuesday that despite the conflict in Yemen, thousands of Ethiopians and Somalis continued to make a perilous sea crossing to the country.

More than 92,000 people arrived by boat in Yemen in 2015, one of the highest annual totals in the past decade, the UNHCR said.

With 95 deaths reported, last year was the second deadliest to date, while earlier this month, 36 people died crossing the Horn of Africa, said deputy UN spokesman Farhan Haq at the daily briefing, citing the UNHCR.

Yemen is host to more 266,00 refugees, of which some 250,00 are Somali, according to UNHCR data. Meanwhile, over 168,000 people have fled Yemen to neighboring countries since March.

As conflict continued to rage in the country, Yemenis are bearing the blunt with over 2.5 million people now internally displaced.

""UNHCR today issued another warning on the dangers of the journey,"" Haq added.

UNHCR spokesperson Adrian Edwards said the overall figures were disturbing.

""People continue to arrive despite unprecedented escalated internal conflict in Yemen and tragically more people continue to lose their lives trying to cross the sea in overcrowded, unseaworthy boats,"" he told a news briefing in Geneva on Tuesday.

Haq said the UNHCR and its partners have been working with the international community and Somali authorities to improve political, security and socio-economic conditions in the country, as well as actively pursuing durable solutions for refugees, returnees and people who are internally displaced.

""These efforts aim to provide an alternative to Somalis to undertaking perilous sea journeys to Yemen,"" he added.


The more challenging but but important element is the actual clearing of every thing that existed before the remodeling project. Right here are some crucial must-dos for basement remodeling planning.

Kind out the things. Anything at all amassed just before remodeling demands to be segregated. Have three piles: one for items you could use for the duration of the remodeling, another for possessions you want to preserve, and a final pile for points you want to donate or toss out. Preserve the a single for remodeling reasons nearby retailer the 2nd at yet another spot and discard of the 3rd accordingly.

Thoroughly clean the room. Eliminate cobwebs, wipe windows, sweep dust, mop floors, and scrub all the partitions, windows, and floors. The area will get soiled again throughout the remodeling procedure but at least the outdated dust and grime won’t get into the blend.

Check for leaks and cracks. Just before commencing the remodeling of your basement, track down existing leaks and cracks. Any this kind of seepage or fissure is evidence that the previous waterproofing measures completed may possibly be defective or require repairs. These should be fixed before the remodeling of your basement starts.

If necessary, revamp your waterproofing system. Much more usually than not, too a lot moisture could mean a waterproofing technique is nonexistent or the current a single must be integrated in the remodeling.
Check out the drainage, generally found on the exterior perimeter of the house, for leaks. Contain this renovation in the initial stages of remodeling your basement.

Treat all mildew and mildew. Moisture and the bacteria that arrive with it is a hazard to remodeling of basements. Utilize industrial-grade mildew remover to all stains. For excellent measure and to be entirely rid of it ahead of basement remodeling begins, scrub all adjacent walls and fixtures with the chemical even if you really don’t see any telltale discolorations. If there are stubborn stains on any wall plaster, pipe, or window body, get rid of them. Make confident to include their replacements during basement remodeling.

Thoroughly clean out all the vents. As a closing stage ahead of any remodeling, cleanse out the air vents to prevent fungi and bacteria from spreading. Exchange any insulation that exhibits discoloration since mildew can expand on heated surfaces in the course of winter. Use a de-humidifier each now and then to stop it from increasing back. Use it during basement remodeling, as well.

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