One of the most popular souvenir items is the bobble head doll. Some

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The model's ID card
A model Authentic Phillip Danault Jersey , who allegedly earned some 600,000 yuan ($94,920) in three days by sleeping with men in a lifestyle and yachting trade show in 2013, has recently been arrested in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, but her ID card shows "she" is named Luo Yue, male, acoording to reports.

According to a China Central Television (CCTV) news program on Thursday Sun Jingya was arrested by Shandong Province police on suspicion of engaging in prostitution and organizing prostitution activities during a massive crackdown in June.

Police said that they have arrested 67 people, and most of them were born in the 1990s. Some were found to be well-educated, while others were senior executives of prominent companies.

Model Sun Jingya arrested for prostitution Model Sun Jingya arrested for prostitution File photo of Sun Jingya File photo of Sun Jingya File photo of Sun Jingya File photo of Sun Jingya

“These models failed to enter the entertainment industry due to a lack of talent and popularity. Some of them were involved in prostitution and contacted clients through WeChat,” said Lin Zhiqiang, a Shandong police officer, adding that their clients are usually senior company executives or wealthy people.

Reports said that Sun was involved in the Hainan scandal in 2013 during the annual Hainan Rendez-Vous exhibition, a trade show for luxury items like yachts and jets, engaging in sex and drug parties.

According to an online post in April 2013, one female model earned some 600,000 yuan in three days, and over 2,000 condoms were used at one party. Drugs were also said to be used at the orgies.

After Sun gained notoriety, she was exposed to be a man by Net users. In CCTV’s news program, police revealed her ID card, showing that Sun is a man from Hebei Province, and that her real name is Luo Yue.

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Getting ready to give up control of business IT services
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One of the most popular souvenir items is the bobble head doll. Some people know it as a wobbler, a nodder or a bobbing head toy. It got its name from it distinction with other dolls. From the name itself, bobble head dolls are characterized by having a small body compared to its head. The head is attached to a spring and when it is tapped or moved even a little, the head then nods or bobbles. It is like the plaster cats you see on Chinese stores which wag their head when slightly moved. So who created it and how did it become popular? The modern bobble head was first introduced during the 1950?s.

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