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Looking for a new job can be a costly affair especially if you are unemployed and looking as opposed to employed and looking.

However with some planning and prioritizing Ben Scrivens Jersey , you can keep your expenses down to a minimum.

Here are some strategies to help you.

Don't give up the day job

If at all possible, remain in your current job whilst looking for a new job. Having a regular salary coming in is vital in keeping a level head. It's harder to carry out an effective job search if your utilities are cut -off for lack of payment. If you are unemployed, try getting a part time job that will help you to stay afloat.

Create a budget

You need to have an idea how long you can survive without a regular income. You do this by adding your assets, such as cash in hand,savings, severance pay and unemployment insurance and dividing this total by your estimated monthly expenditure. This should result in the amount of months you can go without a regular income. If you can
manage for a relatively long time, you can be alot more selective in your job search and stick out for better opportunities.

Keep a lid on daily expenses

Your utility bills can really add up during times of unemployment because you are at home more. Your phone bill especially could rack up because you will be networking and talking with prospective employers a lot. Consider switching to a call plan both with your land line and
cellular that allows for cheaper day calls.

Also, conserve on electricity and cook inexpensively at home rather than eating out. Reduce to a minimum, all those 'money guzzling" activities that you use to partake with your co-workers. For every unexpected expenditure, see if there is another area of your life that you can reasonably cut back on.

Balance job hunting expenses

Traveling to interviews and calls backs can take a toll on your pocket. Increasingly, companies are deciding not to reimburse interviewees for traveling expenses.

You have to weigh, whether the costs of going to an interview, for example, traveling, buying appropriate attire, cab fare and accommodation, are worth it. Things to consider about the job are, salary, distance from home, work load and prospects for career mobility.

If you decide that it is worth going to the interview,then go for it whilst being as cost conscious as you can. However, be aware that not all interviews or call backs are worth the time and expense

Borrow or get it free rather than buy

I am not talking about borrowing money but borrowing things like a suit from a close friend if money is tight. If needs be, you can buy a suit inexpensively from a second hand shop.

You can also ask your friends to give you a few stationery items from their office provided that they get permission. Asking for some paperclips or sheets of paper should not be too much of a problem. It might be possible to use your friends' computers at work as well,rather than paying someone to type and print CVs and cover letters for you.

Visit your local library

The library is another great place for free job hunting resources. For internet, photocopying and scanning needs, the library is a low cost alternative to outside business centers. You may also be able to use the internet for free although your time may be limited.

Having a list of online recruiters who you want to apply to, handy, as well as having your resume written out in advance is a good way to conserve time.

There is no need to fill in an online resume for every job portal out there, three to four registrations should be enough. Upload your resume rather than filling out an online one where you can.

The library is also filled with books on effective job hunting techniques so borrow them instead of buying from the book store.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of cost-saving techniques but should help to make your job hunting less taxing on your pocket

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