far gained the particular battle against his or her competitors, supplying the opportunity for being this winners of the year. I

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NANNING Boston Celtics Hats , May 11 (Xinhua) -- Fernando Habel Alexza Inkiriwang has been studying in a south China college for seven months. The young Indonesian studies automechanics and most of his classes are in Chinese.

"It's good to study and learn Chinese here. I hope to bring my family a better life and buy them a car after I begin work," he said.

Inkiriwang barely knew any Chinese a year ago but can now hold simple conversations.

As more Chinese businesses seek opportunities overseas, some vocational colleges are working to attract overseas students.

Inkiriwang is among 126 Indonesian students recruited by Liuzhou City Vocational College (LCVC) and China-based auto-maker SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co. (SGMW) in Liuzhou, an industrial city in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Two years ago, SGMW invested 700 million U.S. dollars in a factory in western Java which will open later this year. It will produce 150,000 vehicles per year, so a large number of skilled Indonesian workers are required, and the company is training locals.

Each student studies at LCVC for about two years before going back to Indonesia for a year's apprenticeship before beginning work for SGMW in Indonesia.

According to the LCVC, graduates earn more than 2,000 yuan (290 U.S. dollars) per month during their apprenticeship, the standard for basic automobile workers there, but they earn even more after graduation.

"With skills, and knowledge of Chinese, graduates will manage other workers. They can also act as a channel between Indonesian and Chinese staff," said Tang Chunjie, in charge of the program at the LCVC.

In 2015, the program enrolled 63 students; in 2016, the number rose to more than 120.

"Parents are more willing to send their children here when they understand the benefits," Tang said.

"As businesses go overseas, finding enough high-quality talent and technicians becomes a challenge," said Huang Xiongbiao, deputy director of Guangxi's regional department of education. A great number of vocational colleges in Guangxi are driven by the demands of companies who want to expand overseas.

At Liuzhou Vocational Technical College (LVTC), construction equipment maker Guangxi Liugong Machinery is working with a dealer in Saudi Arabia to set up Saudi Arabia's first vocational university, with courses, programs and administration designed by the LVTC.

LiuGong has sold equipment such as excavators, cranes and loaders to about 50 countries along the Belt and Road, with sales of some products rising by over 20 percent last year.

Liao Jihua of LiuGong said the Saudis will provide both building land and funds.

"Many of the countries we cooperate with do not have the resource to train skilled workers," Liao said, adding that the college in Saudi Arabia was just a beginning.

"We plan to work on more such institutions under the Belt and Road Initiative," he said.

Li Yongqi, an official in charge of vocational education from Guangxi's education department, said his department plans cooperation on vocational education, especially between China and ASEAN, and expects help more vocational colleges to work with overseas businesses.

"We expect that wherever a Chinese business has reached, there will also be a vocational college," Li said.

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