teammate Cao and Jack. But I enjoyed every competition, no matter big event or not. I am happy with the gold," He said.

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Buying your first home can be exciting but there is a lot to know. Buying a home will depend on real estate laws and customs where you are located but there are basic steps that every first homebuyer needs to accomplish.

Step 1- Your Finances

Establishing credit is very important especially when you are looking to purchase a large investment like a house. Your credit reports reflects how you manage your finances. Study your credit report and your financial history so you are familiar with it before applying for a mortgage. These reports will be needed for the mortgage approval process in finding out the interest rate and other loan terms.

Step 2- Familiarize Yourself with the Mortgage Industry

Do your research. Finding the right loan and lender is extremely important to your home buying success.
Choose the lender that is best for your needs but be sure to understand the loan process as much as you can before talking to a lender so you don't feel completely lost.

Step 3- get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage

Once you talk with a lender Anthony Davis Jersey , you should be given an estimate of how much you can afford for a house.
Being pre approved can help you in a variety of ways. So if a home seller gets two offers, one being yours with a pre approved letter from your bank saying you have been approved for the amount offered, and then there is the other person with no letter, your chances of getting the house are much better.

Step 4- Determine what you Want and what you need

Buying a home isn't as challenging as most think. If you familiarize yourself with the real estate market and narrow down what you want and need before buying house the process will run a lot smoother.
Be sure to understand agent duties and devotion because some real estate agents represent buyers, sellers, or both or depending on the state they can work as neutral facilitators for either party.

Step 6- Start Searching for your New Home

Your agent will most likely give you multiple listing sheets to review. You might have also picked up a real estate magazine in your area and found a house through that, shop online, or find ads in the newspaper. Other ideas can be driving around the neighborhoods that have houses for sale. Either way you look, consider these home buying search tools in your search.

Home Buying Search Tools

1. Consider houses that others may overlook
2. Get out there to see what's out there
3. Look into public versions of multiple listing service web sites
4. Search for real estate agent web sites
5. Browse real estate search engines and networks
6. Find for sale by owner properties
7. Look at magazine and newspapers in print
8. Find foreclosed homes

Step 7- Handle Pre-Offer Tasks

When looking at houses be sure to look at its structure and features which can help determine if its something you want or not.

Step 8- put in an Offer

There's no one specific set of instructions that cover all the differences in real estate laws and customs that exist throughout the United States, so when putting in an offer on a house, it will depend on your location.

Step 9- House Inspections and Other Tests

Some states allow home inspections before the final contract is signed where as in other states inspections take place after the contract is signed. No matter when you have to do them, it's very important to decide which inspections and tests you want done.
Discuss with your real estate agent or if you don't have one, then an advisor to find out when inspections should happen and if additional types of testing are needed for a specific area.

Step 10- Avoid having to Correct Last Minute Problems

As the closing date approaches, everyone involved in your real estate transaction should be checking the progress on a daily basis. That way if a problem arises it can be taken care of right away.
Step 11- Closing
Closing, also called settlement, is the event that transfers ownership of the property from the last owner to you.

Happy house hunting!
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Nathan Dawson writes for http: and http: , great online sources for marriage and finance information.

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SHANGHAI, July 19 (Xinhua) -- Olympic and world champion He Chong denied his teammate Cao Yuan's triple gold at the 19th FINA Diving World Cup by winning the men's three-meter springboard here on Saturday.

Cao, double winner of the men's 10m platform synchro and 3m springboard synchro in Shanghai, was almost to enter the World Cup record book by adding the springboard title.

Cao led the first five rounds by a small margin 2 points ahead of He. He showed his trademark 5156B as the last dive with 101.40 and won the gold in 540.35 while Cao came to second in 526.70.

Jack Laugher of Britain took the bronze 488.20, edging Illya Kvash of Ukraine fourth in 486.15, Illia Zakharov of Russia 484.40 and Hausding Patrickof Germnay 484.25.

"I had a mistake in the third dive 307C (Reverse 3.5 somersault), it was because I had a shoulder injury and I was too careful to stretch my arms in this dive," He said.

"I faced strong challenges from the younger potentials, like my teammate Cao and Jack. But I enjoyed every competition, no matter big event or not. I am happy with the gold," He said.

Though one step shy to make the World Cup history, Cao said he learned a lot from the competition and he enjoyed to compete both springboard and platform.

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