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If your horse or pony lives out in a field every day and night Authentic Vince Carter Jersey , here are some tips for caring for a pasture-kept horse with the proper horse tack.

A lot of horses live out doors 24 hours a day 365 days a year. If your horse does live outside all year round, he needs to be looked after just like a horse that lives in a stall. Even though you don’t have to bring him in and out, you still need to look after him every day, unless he is boarded at another facility.

Here are some important things to think about and look after if your horse lives outside all the time.

1.Your horse or pony should have some type of shelter from the elements. He either should have something with a roof such as a run-in shed or tress and brushes. He needs to have something to block out the hot sun or the windy, snowy or rainy weather.

2.Your horse should always have fresh water. Check his water daily and scrub the troughs and buckets to keep them clean so no algae can grow.

3.If it is summer time, keep your horse protected from the insects. If the insects seem to be bothering him use a fly mask, a fly sheet and some fly spray to keep those pesky bugs from bothering your horse.

4.Every week or so you should check the fencing around the pasture that your horse is in. Look for broken boards or wires, loose nails or anything else that could be harmful or hurt your horse. You wouldn’t want him to get a big cut from a nail that was sticking out of a fence post.

5.If your horse likes to be caught, you can leave his halter off, but if he likes to play games and have you chase him then you might want to keep his halter on him. Just check for rub marks on your horse’s face. If he does have rub marks and you need to leave his halter on him, you might want to consider purchasing a padded halter or some type of cover for his halter.

6.If your horse’s pasture isn’t that large, you might want to pick out his field and clean up all the piles of manure. Keeping the manure down will also help attract less insects. If you can’t pick up the manure, try and get the piles that are around where he eats, drinks and around the gate.

7.Make sure you go out and groom your horse too. You want to check for any cuts and boo boos that horses always seem to magically get. Keeping him groomed with also keep him clean and looking nice. Also pick out his feet and look for any loose shoes and rocks in his hooves.

8.If you live in a cold area, you might want to blanket him in the winter, especially if he lives outside. You wouldn’t want him to catch a chill and get sick. Always check under his blanket to make sure he is warm and not wet, cold or sweating.
Having a pasture kept horse is just like having a stall kept one. You still have to clean up and look after him every day.

Though Chinese society has shown signs of increasing tolerance toward sexual minorities, student LGBT activists say that they still face discrimination and even bullying on campus.

Qiu Bai, first from left, holds signs and the rainbow flag with friends outside the Beijing First Intermediate People's Court on Monday. Photo: Courtesy of Qiu Bai

Xiao Qi (pseudonym) wants universities to be more inclusive toward LGBT students.

She, along with 100 other signatories, has asked one college to consider this proposal in a joint letter to the president of the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GUFS).

The institution, in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province has not replied to her more than a month after she sent the letter.

The letter came hot on the heels of another controversial proposal in which one lesbian student asked her girlfriend to marry her at a GUFS graduation ceremony this June. GUFS said the proposal "violated regulations," and one of the students had her diploma withheld and the other was outed to her parents without her knowledge.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away in Beijing, college student Qiu Bai (pseudonym) just finished her court case against theMinistry of Education on Monday, though the results have not yet been made public. This case is the latest step in Qui Bai's fight to remove material from college textbooks which she says "smears" LGBT people.

Qiu Bai, who studies at Guangdong's Sun Yat-sen University, said she started to worry about her sexual orientation after reading psychology textbooks in college which she describes as "toxic" because they describe gay people has having a "disease."

Their cases show that there is much work to be done as misunderstandings and discrimination against LGBT people are common on campus.

In addition, compared with other groups in society, LGBT students face challenges not only in coming out of the closet but also in self-acceptance and receiving sufficient support, and many are in urgent need of help, said Dou Dou, head of GLCAC, an NGO dedicated to improving the campus environment for LGBT students.

According to Dou Dou, there have been three cases of gay students killing themselves this year. Although he admits that the campus environment for LGBT groups has been improving in recent years, "there are a series of problems related to sexual minorities that need to be addressed but have failed to attract due attention," Dou Dou told the Global Times.

College textbooks that Qiu Bai says discriminate against gay people. Photo: Courtesy of Qiu Bai Photo: Courtesy of Qiu Bai

Seizing the chance

Wang Xiaoyu (pseudonym) says that GUFS's reaction to her girlfriend's proposal has damaged her relationship with her parents. In June, Huang Yang (pseudonym), Wang's girlfriend, proposed to her after their graduation ceremony was over, carrying the rainbow gay pride banner and a bunch of roses.

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