According to The Hollywood Reporter, director James Cameron has

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ROME, Jan. 24 (Xinhua) -- The number of victims in the avalanche that crushed a ski resort last week has risen to at least 17, Italian media reported on Tuesday.

The official death toll had been updated to 14 by the Italian civil protection department coordinating rescue efforts on Tuesday morning. After that, at least three more bodies were pulled out from the ruins of the hotel throughout the day.

When the avalanche hit in mid-afternoon on Jan. 18, there were 40 people inside the facility: namely, 28 guests and 12 employees, local authorities have said.

A previous estimate had put the number at around 30.

So far, eleven people survived the incident, including nine saved by rescuers. Four children were also involved, and all of them were among those rescued.

Fire and civil protection teams were working non-stop at the site to try to locate the other 12 people still missing. The search operation would continue until all of them were found, the civil protection said.

Meanwhile, funerals were held on Tuesday for some of those who died in the disaster. People crowded the local church of Farindola, the town nearest to the ski resort, to pay their respects to Alessandro Giancaterino, 42, a waiter of the Rigopiano, Ansa news agency reported.

The same happened in the nearby town of Penne for Gabriele D'Angelo, 31, another employee.

The Rigopiano hotel, a luxury ski resort, was located on the lower slopes of 2,912-meter-tall Gran Sasso peak in the central Abruzzo region.

The huge avalanche materially uprooted the facility, which remained engulfed under metres of snow, mud, and rubble. Two guests were outside the hotel, when the snowslide occurred, and survived. They were able to launch the first SOS call.

The disaster was believed to be triggered by four powerful earthquakes that struck the Abruzzo region on Jan. 18 in the morning.

All four seismic events were above 5 of magnitude on the Richter scale, with epicenters between the provinces of Rieti and L'Aquila, according to Italy's National Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (INGV).

BEIJING Marcus Smart Jersey , March 24 (Xinhua) -- New evidence supports the theory that a 1,000-year-old Buddha statue with a mummified monk inside, now owned by a Dutch private collector, was stolen from China, a government official said Tuesday.

Jin Ruiguo, an official with the State Administration of Cultural Heritage (SACH), said in a statement that based on photos, local archives and witness statements, SACH can confirm that this Buddha statue was stolen from a temple in Yangchun village in east China's Fujian Province in 1995.

The SACH is gathering more evidence and working with other departments to secure the statue's return, Jin said.

The statue attracted attention after a CT scan last year found it contained a mummy of a 12th century Buddhist monk. The monk is sat on a pillow that is around 300 years older.

Chinese characters are written on the side of the pillow, which say the monk's name was Zhang Liuquan.

The Buddha statue was included in a "Mummy World" exhibition at the Hungarian Natural History Museum, which opened in October last year, it was originally scheduled to be on display until May 17.

The Hungarian Natural History Museum borrowed the statue from the Drents Museum in Assen, the Netherlands. On Friday, the Dutch owner withdrew the statue from exhibition without any explanation.

According to Yangchun archives, a monk, living in the village in Song Dynasty (960-1279), helped cure people with his knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine. When he died, his body was mummified and local people made a statue to hold his body. The statue was an icon of worship.

SYDNEY, July 27 (Xinhua) -- The Maritime authorities responsible for a section of Australia's Great Barrier Reef are trying to track down a ship which dumped a 10 km-long oil slick.

Dinner-plate sized clumps of oil washing ashore in sections of the 2,300 km long reef system in north Queensland.

A clean-up operation has been underway for more than a week and damage to the reef has been eliminated.

Now the authorities have turned their focus on hunting down the ship which caused the contamination, AAP reported.

People are being urged to stay away from affected beaches at Forrest Beach near Ingham, Mulligan Bay on Hinchinbrook Island, Taylors Beach near Lucinda, and on Palm Island.

A fisherman first reported the oil spill near Cape Upstart, south of Townsville.

A transport department spokesman said oil samples from nine of 10 domestic tankers in the area at the time are being tested, in a bid to identify the culprit.

Four tankers which have left Australian waters will also be tested.

terminator 2 linda hamilton sarah connor

According to The Hollywood Reporter, director James Cameron has announced that Linda Hamilton will be joining the cast of the newest "Terminator" film, 25 years since her first appearance in the franchise.

At an event celebrating the "Terminator" franchise, Cameron spoke about Hamilton's return: "As meaningful as she was to gender and action stars everywhere back then, it’s going to make a huge statement to have that seasoned warrior that she’s become return."

Cameron also spoke about the lack of older women in action films, compared to older men, as an incentive to include Hamilton in his latest "Terminator" film.

"There are 50-year-old, 60-year-old guys out there killing bad guys," Cameron said, "but there isn’t an example of that for women.”

Hamilton starred in the first "Terminator" film as Sarah Connor in 1984. Connor is a waitress hunted down by the Terminator (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) who comes from the future to assassinate her. In the future the world is overrun by robots and machines, and Connor is the woman who gives birth to the lead. Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Hoddies Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Cheap Hats Cheap New NFL Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys China Cheap MLB Jerseys Online Cheap Sports Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China

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