ide ride-hailing services, an intruder accessed personal information about Uber drivers in May 2014, including more than 100,000

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Hiring a professional bookkeeper can become quite an overwhelming task for the business owners who don't have any prior knowledge about accounting terms. To make this process of hiring a bookkeeper less difficult Customized Utah Jazz Jersey , you should do some research and take a note of few key points while interviewing the bookkeeper.

Efficient bookkeeping is important because of the financial obligations of business owners and the cross checking of data by the officials of tax department. Hence, appointing the right person for maintaining your bookwork is very important for managing the business effectively.

The routine jobs of a bookkeeper includes keeping track of the money - incoming as well as outgoing, in the form of cash or checks, paying bills, paying salaries to the employees as well as filing for payroll taxes and keeping a track of receivables and collections. A data entry level book keeper will be able to keep records of all these tasks but if you are looking for someone who has full charge bookkeeping experience, can accord the balance sheet and perform a monthly close, you will have to look for a qualified person with desired skill-sets to help you in maintaining accurate financial records.

Here we provide you with some important considerations while you are searching for a bookkeeper.

A bookkeeper knows the deepest secret of your finances. Hence, finding a person who is loyal, honest, trustworthy and responsible should be first on your priority list. A bookkeeper should also be friendly, upfront and approachable so that you can talk and share any of your financial concerns with him or her. To find such a reliable person, you should contact your friends, family members and other close associates for recommending you with the finest persons in the business. If this is not working, search for online forums, local yellow pages and website listings. Based upon your needs, you can hire a full-time, part-time or a freelancer to help you with your finances. Check their expertise and read customer testimonials to get the feedback on how they deliver their services.

After shortlisting the possible candidates, interview them personally to get an idea about qualification and experience in that particular field. Check for their license number to know if they are not fraudulent. Before embarking their role as a contract bookkeeper or freelancer, these people start their career by taking a job in the accounts department of a large office and then as a senior official in smaller companies. Ask your potential candidate to provide you with some references of the people he has worked for in the past. If he is a licensed person, he won't hesitate to give you all the information.

Do not forget to ask them about their knowledge about computers. These days many bookkeeping tasks are performed by computerized accounting software packages to lessen down the trouble of maintaining records using ledger books and pencil. But this does not mean that he should not be able to perform the task without the software. A qualified bookkeeper should have a better understanding of basic bookkeeping principles with or without the assistance of computer software.

Finally ask about their fees and negotiate it with the industry standards. Following all these steps will ease down your hiring process and you will happily end up with the one person who is best suited for your business.
HOUSTON, Aug. 16 (Xinhua) -- Materials researchers from Rice University of Texas State have created a light foam from two-dimensional sheets of hexagonal-boron nitride (h-BN) that absorbs carbon dioxide.

According to a news release on Wednesday by the Rice University, the foam is highly porous and its properties can be tuned for use in air filters and as gas absorption materials.

Materials scientist Pulickel Ajayan and his team discovered freeze-drying h-BN turned it into a macro-scale foam that disintegrates in liquids. But adding a bit of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) into the mix transformed it into a far more robust and useful material.

The polyvinyl alcohol serves as a glue. Mixed into a solution with flakes of h-BN, it binds the junctions as the microscopic sheets arrange themselves into a lattice when freeze-dried. The one-step process is scalable, the researchers said.

In molecular dynamics simulations, the foam adsorbed 340 percent of its own weight in carbon dioxide. The greenhouse gas can be evaporated out of the material, which can be reused repeatedly. Compression tests showed the foam got stiffer through 2,000 cycles as well.

And when coated with PDMS, another polymer, the foam becomes an effective shield from lasers that could be used in biomedical, electronics and other applications.

Ultimately, the researchers want to gain control over the size of the material's pores for specific applications, like separating oil from water.

Their work appears in the American Chemical Society journal ACS Nano. Rice graduate student Peter Owuor is lead author of the paper.

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 15 (Xinhua) -- Uber Technologies, Inc. has agreed to implement a privacy program and obtain independent audits in the next 20 years to settle Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges that it failed to protect consumer and driver data.

As an independent agency of the U.S. federal government, the FTC announced the settlement Tuesday in Washington, D.C.

One of FTC charges was that due to the San Francisco-based company's failure to provide ride-hailing services, an intruder accessed personal information about Uber drivers in May 2014, including more than 100,000 names and drivers' license numbers that Uber stored in a datastore operated by Amazon Web Services.

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