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ZHENGZHOU Paul Coffey Oilers Jersey , Sept. 19 (Xinhua) -- Police in central China's Henan Province have arrested 172 members of Shanxinhui, a Shenzhen-based company suspected of organizing and leading a pyramid scheme.

All of them will face criminal charges, according to a statement issued by Henan police.

Others involved in the case will be treated with leniency if they turn themselves in by Sept. 30, according to the statement.

Chinese police have previously investigated Shanxinhui for allegedly manipulating people into taking part in pyramid selling and cheating them out of huge amounts of property under the guise of helping the poor.

Several key members, including Zhang Tianming, the mastermind of Shanxinhui, were arrested earlier this month on suspicion of obtaining illegal gains of more than 2.2 billion yuan (334 million U.S. dollars).

They were suspected of intentionally distorting the country's targeted policy to eradicate poverty to build a so-called "new economic ecological model," while setting up a network on the Internet.

In recent years, pyramid schemes have been expanding widely through social networks. Police investigated 2,826 pyramid scheme cases in 2016, 19.1 percent more than that in 2015, according to the Ministry of Public Security.

China to build cross-provincial national park for giant panda

Scenery of Xianghongdian reservoir in east China's Anhui

Rally held in Greece to commemorate murdered anti-fascist activist

Protesters riot for third night in U.S. city of St. Louis

China to build cross-provincial national park for giant panda

Aerial view of paddy fields in SW China's Guizhou

Special snacks displayed during 14th China-ASEAN Expo

Scenery of paddy fields in Baicheng, NE China's Jilin


TOKYO, July 12 (Xinhua) -- A forum commemorating the 150th birth anniversary of Sun Yat-sen, a great forerunner of China's democratic revolution, was held in Tokyo Tuesday, with a number of celebrated politicians and scholars from China and Japan attending.

The forum, with the theme ""Sun Yat-sen and the future of the Asian Community of Common Destiny"", was dedicated to reviewing and studying Sun's ideals and their connection and significance to the current world, and exploring ways to build the Asian Community of Common Destiny.

Li Zhaoxing, President of the China Public Diplomacy Association and former Chinese foreign minister, made a keynote speech at the forum, pointing out that Sun's ideal that Asian countries should cooperate together on equal footing to achieve regional prosperity, is still relevant today.

""Mr. Sun Yat-sen's Great Asianism aimed to change the unequal relationship between Asian countries in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which is still of realistic value to promoting the cooperation between Asian countries today. China's current objective of building an Asian Community of Common Destiny was also a lifetime goal of Sun's,"" he said.

Liu Shaobin, temporary acting ambassador of China to Japan, pointed out that Sun had fought in his life for revitalizing China and achieving national unity. ""Through reviewing his revolutionary ideals and practices, we could get a deeper understanding of the historical meaning and rich connotation of the Chinese Dream, and have more confidence for China's rejuvenation,"" he said.

Liu also referred to Sun's revolutionary years in Japan and the friends he made here. ""Mr. Sun Yat-sen has spent a third of his revolutionary life in Japan. He set up the revolutionary organization Tongmenghui (Alliance for Democracy) in Tokyo. He has also made friends from all circles in Japan and received selfless support from them for China's revolutionary cause, which was an embodiment of the friendship between Chinese and Japanese people,"" he said.

Yasuo Fukuda, former Japanese Prime Minister, said that the relationship between China and Japan, as well as the status of world affairs nowadays, were different from Sun's days, but ""Sun's ideals, including the one that Asian countries should cooperate together, are not outdated, and should become guidelines for Asian countries to deal with their relations.""

Toshihiro Nikai, chairman of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party's General Council, said that Sun was famous in Japan as a forerunner of China's revolution and when he made a speech on the Great Asianism in 1924, he attracted thousands of listeners. ""Sun's ideals made us think about what we could do to help promote the peace and development of our countries as well as of Asia.""

The forum was co-sponsored by China Public Diplomacy Association and Japan Sun Yat-sen Cultural Foundation.

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