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Three UCLA basketball players detained for shoplifting at three high-end stores in China publicly apologized Wednesday before coach Steve Alford announced they were being suspended indefinitely.

Freshmen LiAngelo Ball Chaussures Adidas Superstar Foundation Noir Blanche B23642 Pas Cher , Jalen Hill and Cody Riley won’t be allowed to suit up, practice or travel with the team while the university continues to sort out the circumstances of last week’s incident in Hangzhou, China, Alford said during a news conference at Pauley Pavilion.

”These are good young men who have exercised an inexcusable lapse of judgment and now they have to live with that,” Alford said. ”They let a lot people down in the process.”

”I’m confident that they have already begun to use this experience as a life lesson Chaussures Femme Adidas Superstar 2 Bling Pack Noir Or Pas Cher ,” he added.

Ball, Hill and Riley took turns confessing to the theft and apologizing while also thanking President Donald Trump for intervening on their behalf with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. The players had returned to Los Angeles on Tuesday after Chinese authorities withdrew the charges against them.

”I’m sorry for stealing from the stores in China,” said Ball, the younger brother of Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball, who played last season at UCLA.

”I’ve learned my lesson from this big mistake and I’m a hundred percent sure I’ll never make a mistake like this again. It’s going to make me a better person from here on out.”

When it was his turn Chaussures Adidas Superstar 80s Metal Toe Or Foil Pas Cher , Hill said, ”I’m sorry for shoplifting. What I did was stupid. I don’t want to be known for this dumb mistake.”

”I hope you can forgive my stupid, childish actions,” he added.

Riley was the first to speak and he thanked the Pac-12 Conference, several UCLA administrators and his teammates.

”You guys mean so much to me Chaussures Femme Adidas Superstar 80s Noir B26728 Pas Cher ,” Riley said of his teammates. ”I’m sorry for letting you down.”

Athletic director Dan Guerrero also spoke at the news conference, but no one took questions from a large group of media.

Alford didn’t specify what the indefinite suspensions mean, saying only that the three players would have to earn their way back onto the team.

He said at some point, the trio may be permitted to join team workouts, meetings and practices Chaussures Adidas Superstar 2 Bling Blanche Or G62845 Pas Cher , but that timeline has yet to be decided.

”We will come to a resolution in short order,” Guerrero said.

Earlier Wednesday, Trump tweeted: ”Do you think the three UCLA Basketball Players will say thank you President Trump? They were headed for 10 years in jail!”

All three players did.

”I’d like to thank President Trump and the United States government for the help that they provided us as well,” Ball said.

The players were detained in Hangzhou for questioning following allegations of shoplifting last week before the Bruins beat Georgia Tech in their season-opening game in Shanghai. The rest of the UCLA team returned home Saturday.

Guerrero said the incident occurred when the team was given 90 minutes of free time on Nov. 6 in Hangzhou.

”Those three visited several stores, took items from three stores and returned to the hotel Chaussures Femme Adidas Superstar 2 Grise Rouge G17252 Pas Cher ,” he said, without revealing the items taken or their value.

The next day, Guerrero said, police arrived at the hotel shared by UCLA and Georgia Tech and interviewed both teams in an attempt to identify the culprits. Police searched the players’ personal belongings and the team bus before identifying Ball, Hill and Riley Chaussures Adidas Superstar 2 Grise Noir Pas Cher , he said.

No one from Georgia Tech was implicated.

Guerrero said the UCLA trio was taken to a police station for questioning, and Alford arrived later, along with basketball administrator Chris Carlson. Guerrero found out while flying to Shanghai.

  LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley made their first public comments since returning from China. (AP)

After being arrested, the players remained in custody for questioning and were released on $2 Chaussures Adidas Superstar II Noir Or V24625 Pas Cher ,220 bail on Nov. 8. Guerrero said they had to give up their passports and agree to travel restrictions.

Police told the players they could leave the country on Tuesday and they boarded a plane later that day.

Guerrero said Alford reminded his team of the expectations for good behavior before they left on the trip and while they were in China.

UCLA traveled to China as part of the Pac-12’s global initiative that seeks to popularize the league’s athletic programs and universities overseas. The China Game is in its third year, and while the scandal was developing the league announced that California and Yale will play in next year’s edition.

The No. 23 Bruins host Central Arkansas in their home opener on Wednesday night.


Former Arsenal and French striker Thierry Henry announced Tuesday he was -retiring from soccer after a -glittering career and will -become a TV analyst for Sky Sports in England.

"After 20 years in the game I have decided to retire from professional football," Henry said on his Facebook page.

Henry, 37, a world and -European champion with France Chaussures Adidas Superstar II Blanche G43681 Pas Cher , and the scorer of 228 goals with Arsenal including 175 English Premier League goals, finished his playing -career at New York Red Bulls earlier this month.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said recently that -Henry will "certainly" return to the club in some capacity in the future. Henry, who has a daughter based in England, said in recent weeks that he wants to help Arsenal win the Champions League.

Henry first made his mark at French club Monaco before moving to Italian giants -Juventus.

But the bulk of his career was spent at Arsenal under Wenger, who brought him to north London in 1999.

He was a crucial part of the 2003-2004 "Invincibles" team alongside fellow Frenchman Patrick Vieira Chaussures Adidas Superstar II Blanche G17071 Pas Cher , which went -unbeaten as they stormed to the Premier League title.

In England, Henry won the Premier League twice and the FA Cup three times.

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Electric golf carts are an excellent choice, both for the environment and daily use. There are plenty of resources to find used electric golf buggies, both locally and online. Simply decide just what you need and how much you are willing to spend and then start your search. You will be surprised how easy it is to find what you want.

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LONDON Herre Air Max 97 Hvid Danmark , May 23 (Xinhua) -- A man on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon has been arrested following a disturbance near a vigil in Birmingham city center on Tuesday evening, the West Midlands Police said.

The vigil was being held in support of the victims of Monday's Manchester attack in the city's center when police officers spotted a man suspiciously carrying a bag.

Officers then approached and later arrested the 39-year-old Birmingham man, who is known to police and is thought to have a history of mental ill-health.

A small axe was recovered along with a large stick and, as a precaution, Victoria Square where the vigil was being held was cleared for around 15 minutes Herre Air Max 97 KPU Sort Rød Danmark , according to the police.

Local media previously reported that the man was carrying a large knife and a baseball bat.

""We will be interviewing the man to understand his intentions after mental health experts have assessed his condition,""the police said.

Aviation maintenance industry in Xiamen yields 12.11 billion yuan in 2016

In pics: Hukou Waterfall of Yellow River in N China

Kindergarten in Hebei holds activity to greet Dragon Boat Festival

People visit painting exhibition at Suzhou Art Museum

Tourists visit lily garden in SW China's Guizhou

In pics: scenery of cliffs in Guoliang Village

Cheongsam lovers give performance in east China

Pic story: Technique of making Jianzhan porcelain


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