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Many people take a holiday for no other reason than to just lie back and enjoy the sun , but if you’re a more active kind of tourist, then one of the best destinations for your holiday has to be the wonderful island of Cyprus. Cyprus can cater for any kind of holidaymaker, especially for the golf lovers and water sport adrenaline junkies out there – and with the added benefit of year round great weather, you can see why Cyprus is a top holiday hotspot.

Holidays in Cyprus – Water Sports Fun!
One of the reasons that Cyprus is so suitable for water sports holidays is that it’s blessed with incredibly clean blue flag beaches – around 50 , in fact. The area around Pissouri Bay is particularly popular for water sports holidays, with PADI diving instructors offering some fantastic scuba diving experiences at some incredible sites.

The Zenobia Wreck is a well known dive spot in Cyprus, with experienced divers travelling from all over the world to take advantage of this, one of the top ten dive sites in the world. If you’re not experienced to a level suitable to explore this particular site , don’t worry, because there are plenty of other incredible underwater cave and tunnels for less experienced divers to discover – and you will also get the chance to see an abundance of beautiful marine creatures during your diving adventure.

If scuba diving or snorkelling aren’t the water sports of your choice, there are plenty of other water based activities for you to enjoy on your holiday in Cyprus. You can hire a boat, canoe or pedal – or for adrenaline lovers , you could hire a jet ski for some superfast fun. There is also windsurfing, canoes and the hilarious banana boat ride.

Taking Your Golf Holidays in Cyprus
If you would rather spend your time away in a more leisurely pursuit, golf holidays in Cyprus are extremely popular due to the abundance of fantastic championship level golf courses across the island. Pissouri is as popular for golf holidays as it is for water sports, with the advantage of having four incredible championship level golf courses close by.

Every golfer in the world has heard of Nick Faldo – well now you can get close to the champion by enjoying a round or two on the Elea golf course , designed by Nick Faldo himself. The Memphis Hills and Aphrodite Hills golf courses are also nearby – Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love who was alleged to have risen from the sea off the coast of Cyprus – and you can also enjoy a round at the stunning Secret Valley course while you’re in the area. The stunning Cyprus scenery adds an extra dimension to your golf holiday in Cyprus, with beautiful sea views and lush landscapes providing a memorable game of golf. By staying in one of the local Pissouri hotels, you may also find that you qualify for a discount on the green fee prices.

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