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Dysmenorrhoea or painful menstrual periods is the condition where women suffer from extreme pain during the monthly cycle that causes disruptions in her everyday work and hinders efficiency. The pain is sharp Jamie Vardy England Jersey , nauseating and shooting pain that even causes vomiting, dizziness and fainting. The condition is said to be primary dysmenorrhoea if the pain is not very high. When the pain is of higher strength and the duration as well as the frequency is high during the cycle, and is caused by underlying medical condition. This condition is caused secondary dysmenorrhoea. Women suffering from primary dysmenorrhoea have higher level of activities of uterine muscles initiated by prostaglandins hormones and contractions in uterine with higher frequency causes pain. As the condition is caused by hormonal imbalance, herbal pills can be taken to cure it because herbal pills have no side effects. One can try gynecure herbal pills to reduce pain or cramps during the cycle.

The problem of dysmenorrhoea or painful menstrual periods is found in more than 25 percent of women and it is higher in women in their late teens. The problem gets very difficult to handle in certain conditions. As per a study some women between the ages of 20 to 35 prefer to stay at home to prevent inconvenience caused by it. The problem is said to be a major cause for short-term school absence in some places.

Duration: In primary dysmenorrhoea, the pain remains for 24 hours to 72 hours James Milner England Jersey , while, in secondary dysmenorrhoea the pain last for more than 3 days. Secondary dysmenorrhoea is linked to the presence of fibroids, endometriosis and various other pelvic inflammatory conditions.

Risk factor: The risk factors of the condition are smoking, intake of alcohol, obesity and early periods. Women suffering from psychological condition and depression also suffer from pain.

Examination and treatment: The physician examines the history of the condition to provide a cure. The age of start of periods Jack Wilshere England Jersey , the length of each cycle, timing of pain, duration, lifestyle risks and contraceptive history is examined. The doctor examines tenderness of the pelvic region.

Experts recommend dietary supplements and hormonal therapies to reduce pain. It is believed that after childbirth the pain reduces.

Some cures recommended for the problem are -
1. Hormonal contraception - Hormonal contraception is given to cure primary condition but the method induces amenorrhea i.e. absence of bleeding altogether.
2. Non steroidal pain-killer - Non steroidal pain-killer can be taken to reduce pain but it can cause peptic ulcer, dyspepsia Jack Butland England Jersey , nausea and various other side effects.
3. Vitamins and minerals - Take vitamin B supplement to reduce pain. Magnesium in natural form is also believed to be effective in reducing pain. Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E and Vitamin B 6 effects have also been found positive in reducing cramps.
4. Acupuncture and psychological treatments - Acupuncture and psychological treatments have been found to be effective in reducing inconvenience.
5. Gynecure Herbal Pills - Women can try gynecure herbal pills to reduce pain. The pills are made up of phytochemicals that reduce pain by regulating hormone secretion in the body. When trying to get pregnant, many women spend so much time worrying about their own bodies that they often overlook the fertility of their male partner. What causes low sperm count? And just what are the signs of infertility in men? Luckily, there are methods describing how to increase sperm count naturally, with no drugs Harry Kane England Jersey , no doctors, and no harmful side effects.

Sperm count fertility is a subject many men shy away from, whether they don t want the doctor s visit or they don t like their fertility being called into question at all. This is silly, but the signs and symptoms of this problem can also be recognized from home. Many an individual factor has been linked that causes low sperm count. Among these are the consumption of excessive alcohol, high levels of caffeine intake Gary Cahill England Jersey , smoking, and many physical factors as well. Men who are fit and healthy will always have higher concentrations, motility, and vitality of sperm than those who are not. Sometimes occupational issues come into play also jobs that require the use of toxins and pesticides can, over time Fraser Forster England Jersey , contribute to male infertility. Drug use, such as with cocaine and marijuana, can also play a big role in whether or not the female partner will be having trouble getting pregnant.

Testing sperm count is one way to know exactly what problems a man may be having with fertility. Unfortunately, the treatments involved are usually risky and often have harmful and unwanted side effects. Hormone replacement therapy, increasing FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) levels Eric Dier England Jersey , and the administration of testosterone are all viable methods for helping increase sperm count fast. But these techniques involve changes to the man s body that could leave unwanted effects long after a baby is conceived. And if conception takes longer than expected? The male will need to endure these treatments for that much longer also.

Before undergoing this process, it s wise to consider how to increase sperm count naturally, through the use of dietary methods and proven herbal supplements. These, when combined with some specific exercises, can dramatically increase the quality and quantity of the male ejaculate. Below are just some of the factors that can be improved through the use of natural healing methods:

* Volume Increasing the volume of semen will go a long way toward increasing chances to getting pregnant.

* pH Understand how high acidic levels within a man s body can actually kill spermatozoa cells. There are natural ways to lower your pH levels in a direction that will favor conception.

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