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Communication is the key to solving all problems. No matter what trouble you have , you can solve all your issues with good communication. Communication is an extremely significant aspect in your personal, as well as professional lives. Whether you want to enhance your personal bonding or relationships or you want to make an impression on your business partner, you need to be good at communication so that you can convey your messages appropriately. Communication is also one of the most important elements of education. When teachers are teaching in classrooms or parents are helping their children to finish their college assignments and homework, one thing that is most crucial in them is communication. Communication significantly enhances learning in students. If a teacher is unable to communicate properly then the students are not going to understand anything taught to them. Hence , communication is definitely required for homework.

And important communication aspect to enhance homework services and benefits in students is discussion of experiences. When a person needs psychological help, he or she goes to a counselor and the key point there is to discuss. When an organization needs to find a solution to their problem, what they do is discuss and analyze. Thus, the same way children should be motivated to discuss their homework experiences , as it can help teachers in enhancing the overall homework process, which in turn would enhance learning for students. We will thus discuss the major benefits of discussing children’s homework experiences in colleges.

The first major benefit of such discussions is that teachers would get to analyze the view points and thinking of the students. Usually teachers and parents work in their own way and are unable to realize what students think and what they want. Thus, such discussions would assist them in understanding the needs of students so that they can find optimum solutions to their problems.

Another added advantage of having such discussion is that teachers and students can both realize their mistakes or flaws. At times students feel that they are doing everything but still are not getting the required results and outcomes and teachers feel that they are doing their best to help children but they are unable to perform well. This problem can be solved with the help of discussion.

Discussions also help in coming up with appropriate solutions and measures. Students often wonder what to do for doing their homework smartly and teachers wonder about the measures they should take for helping their students. All these confusions and dilemma can be overcome by the simple discussions and understanding of issues and problems.

Hence, we see that discussing homework experiences with students can be extremely fruitful and would definitely lead to better homework results in the long run.
LONDON , Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- Universities in Britain have faced hundreds of cyber attacks in the past year targeting sensitive scientific, engineering and medical advances including research into missiles, it was revealed Tuesday.

A report in the Times newspaper said in London that cyber security breached at institutions including Oxford and University College London (UCL) have doubled in the past two years to 1,152.

The Times used freedom of information requests to gain its data revealing that criminals are launching hundreds of successful cyber attacks on British universities each year.

The report cited experts saying that criminal gangs were finding ways through often weak defenses in an attempt to steal sensitive information on behalf of foreign states or to sell it on to them.

The report added that research into missiles , stealth fabric, used to help to disguise military vehicles and weapons, and energy including new fuels and batteries is thought to be among the targets. Universities declined to reveal which research had been compromised, the Times added.

It said hackers have also sought sensitive medical records held at university hospitals.

Professor Carsten Maple , director of cyber security research at Warwick University and chairman of Britain's council of professors and heads of computing, told the Times that cyber defenses at universities needed to be urgently tightened.

"Universities drive forward a lot of the research and development in the UK. Intellectual property takes years of know-how and costs a lot. If someone can get that very quickly, that's good for them," Maple told the Times , adding, "Certainly somebody might attack a university and then provide that information to a nation state."

According to the Times, Maple raised concerns over the growing threat to national infrastructure.

"What's also increasing are cyber-physical attacks where our buildings are affected. Heating, ventilation and management systems are connected to the internet. That's especially worrying for places like the health service ," Maple added.

The report also quoted Dave Palmer, the director of technology at Darktrace, a cyber security company created by mathematicians from Cambridge University, saying that hackers were striving to get hold of cutting-edge research into advanced weaponry or energy.

He said criminal groups were also trying to steal personal data "wherever it exists" for money laundering or identity theft , especially using non-anonymized records used for research at universities.

The University of Oxford said there had been 515 cases of unauthorized access to its accounts or machines last year and UCL said that it experienced 57 successful attacks in 2016-17.

Queen Mary, University of London, said that it had blocked 38.75 million attacks over the period.

The report said targets for cyber attacks included 3D-printed military aircraft and opto-electronic devices at Southampton University, and high-ene.

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