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The photo taken on July 12 , 2017 shows a group of elderly Chinese are singing songs at the Temple of Heaven Park for exercise. (Xinhuanet photo)

by Khonesavanh Latsaphao

BEIJING, July 14 (Xinhuanet) --A place in China particularly dear and near to the elderly is in the public parks where they seek health and friends.

Among the many parks, the Temple of Haven in central Beijing, is where many old people flock every morning to exercise.

An elderly surnamed Yang said that she goes to this park for exercise at around 08:45 every morning.

“At this park , we see a lot of elderly people. Here we are together to sing, dance and do Tai Chi or Chinese martial arts,” she said.

It is no wonder that many Chinese live long healthy lives, because many of them enjoy their exercise in the parks.

Yang also said that she is 79 years old , but when she was talking with journalists, she was happy and smiling all the time.

Young people in her family go to work and she comes to the park for exercise and meeting friends.

“I won’t come in the evening because it is too hot at night compared to in the morning,” the elder said.

After doing exercise, she goes back home to cook by herself. She then has lunch with her husband.

Yang said her husband does not come with her because he prefers reading at home and playing chess with friends.

In the Temple of Heaven park , there are hundreds of senior citizens just like Yang, who enjoy singing, dancing and doing Tai chi. Some even travel as far as ten kilometers to join their friends every morning. From their happy faces, one could tell that it’s all worth it.

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With man evolving rapidly, there rose the need of the development of tools that would aid man in delivering all his work. The industries grew and so did the need for the development of more machines. These machines would coordinate with each other to increase efficiency and thereby improve the overall productivity of the company. Man has evolved from using stones and simple twigs and barks as tools to that of complex allows and supercomputers. Today, these state of the art machines can deliver work efficiently. They hardly need any external manual labor to be invested. These machines are fitted with avant-garde technology that enables them to handle even the most complex of work without any spillage or accidents. The machines would prevent any external leakage and thereby prevent hazards. They may involve huge capital investments, but their returns are profitable in the end. They are usually maintenance free and are installed by the manufacturers themselves. These machines have come up with intelligent chips that would render them profitable. They even have warning systems that would prevent them from overworking and from further work and tear. The due credit of harnessing the power of intelligence and using the same goes to man. It was man who used its potential to provide the man more benefit and thereby create more advanced opportunities. Man then proceeded towards a life that is more comfortable and presents more growth options. As companies grew out of requirement , men created more of these machines to ease their lives and make it more profitable and comfortable.

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by Jon Day

TOKYO, April 5 (Xinhua) -- From the baby boomer era that saw Japan's older generations work to rebuild the nation after WWII to following generations who inherited the growing economic prosperity that ran through the bubble era , one constant for the nation's working people in recent history has been the guarantee of a job for life.

White and blue collar workers alike, whether they graduated from high school or university, worked for an investment bank or in a factory, would all , on joining their respective companies, be able to rest ass.

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