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by Peter Mertz

RIFLE, the United States, Oct. 19, (Xinhua) -- Donald Trump's two last stops before the final 2016 American presidential debate were to small cities with adoring fans, in Colorado, a key western swing state.

On Tuesday, thousands of Coloradans in conservative strongholds Colorado Springs and Grand Junction cheered for their leader, before Trump flew to Las Vegas, where Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton was waiting.

"I wouldn't vote for Hillary in one thousand years," said Les Branson, 64, an oil and gas engineer, a lifetime resident of Rifle, and a lifelong Republican.

Branson and a handful of rural, western Colorado workers gathered at the Texas Bar and Grill in Rifle Wednesday night, watching the last presidential debate, with the General Election just three weeks away.

Rifle is located in the heart of Colorado's Rocky Mountains, a four-hour drive due west from the more liberal metropolis of Denver. Of Colorado's five million residents, only 20 percent live in the sparsely-populated western half of the state.

After Trump was heard bragging about sexually assaulting women two weeks ago, Clinton surged ahead in the polls, with conservative Fox News giving her a 45-39 lead on Monday.

But the small crowd at The Texas in Rifle ignored "the lying media" as Trump said during the debate, and listened to their leader.

"We're all about Trump," Larry Powell, 55, who runs a flooring company, told Xinhua. "Western Colorado loves him because we need to take our country back from the liberals and their policies."

The Texas, a small, family-run restaurant and bar, opened in Rifle 42 years ago. Today, it seats 150 patrons, and still serves traditional, mainstream American burgers, steaks, potatoes and fries, attracting a mostly white working class crowd.

But in the main dining room on debate night were two American men of Mexican descent.

"Trump's immigration policies are ridiculous, they will hurt the entire country, and not just honest, hard working Latinos," said Raphael Gonzales, 36, a drywall contractor who was eating a burger and fries. "Clinton is a much better candidate."

The oil and gas boom in western Colorado since 2000 has drawn not just Americans, but many Latino workers to the region. Today, more than 20 percent of area residents are Latino, although fewer than one-percent are African-American, a 2010 census survey stated.

Rural western Colorado is conservative, voting for Republican Mitt Romney 70-30 in the 2012 U.S presidential election.

"She (Clinton) wants to raise taxes, cut the military budget, and put environmental rest.

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