Brianna's Werke

#1 von Brianna , 13.04.2008 13:07

My Good-Night-Prayer to the Mother Goddess

You are my mother, you brought me to life,
you are my mentor, you help me to strive.
You are my sister, you share my pain,
yet ever you show me that naught is in vain.

When I feel rejected and turn inside,
you await me there and your love shines bright.
When I have nothing I still have you,
when I stumble in darkness you see me through.

When my fears try to drown me you reach out to me,
and the touch of your love always sets me free.
You guard me and guide me in whatever I do,
and in my heart I will always be true.

Oh Great Goddess, in your hands I lay
the path of my life and I vow not to stray.
For you are within me, a part of me,
and I have no greater love as for thee.

Blessed Be.

by Brianna, January 2007, dedicated to the Mother Goddess

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RE: Brianna's Werke

#2 von Brianna , 13.04.2008 13:30

Ich weiß, das ist nur ein Werk, keine 5, aber ich mußte das ganze ja an mir selber testen

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