Arianrhod Spins

#1 von Tríona Ní Erc , 15.09.2011 15:25

Arianrhod Spins

Spinning the threads
Of life and of death
Entwining the strands
Measuring them, cutting them
Changing the colour
And changing the moods

Go round, wheel
Go round, wheel
Gentle and smooth

There’s spinning the lady,
Arianrhod the fair
With a wheel made from silver
And from glittering air

She sits in a tower
Of spiral and curl
Placed above seas
That dabble and purl

There she spins fortune
There she spins fate
At Caer Arianrhod
Behind Annwn’s gate

Tríona Ní Erc
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RE: Arianrhod Spins

#2 von Inge , 15.09.2011 15:36

... scheeeee

LG Inge

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