The Bardic Gift

#1 von Belbara , 08.02.2010 23:49

I never knew
That my head is a globe
With a whole world inside
Vibrant, alive and shoreless

I never knew
That my heart is a harp
Alive and quivering
With each falling drop of dew
With each moon, full or new

I never knew
That my body is a landscape
With dindsenchas of its own
Where the blackness of my brow,
The colour of my eyes
The little scar touching my hairline
Each have a story of their own to tell

Too often I forget

But each time
When I venture out
Each time when sun kisses my face with warmth
Each time when sky kisses my skin with raindrops
Each time when bramble marks my thigh and tears my skirt
Trying to hold me back, to keep me
where my origin is…

I remember:
The world is inside me
As I am inside the world

And I stop to be alone
Just in the moment I decide
to be
with me


Dindsenchas (ir.) sind Legenden, die die Herkunft eines Ortsnamens erklären, indem sie von dort vorgefallenen Geschehnissen berichten.

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