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Tornado. io is a brilliant fun and competitive game! The only thing you have to do is to control the tornado in the right way. Usually are you ready to choose your little huracán into a strong storm? Good good fortune!

Tornados are really dangerous natural events when you are revealed to them. Nevertheless in this game, you're the control mechanism of the huracán! So be cool! You will not be hurt. Within this game, your aim is to get many points as possible during the turns. To start the game, click the play button first in the major menu. The only thing you will perform is to control the tornado with your mouse. Your current aim is to enlarge it by turning it.

An individual can see their length on the left the top of display screen and the time on top of the screen. To be able to enlarge the huracán, it takes to consume the victims and things like people, automobiles, buildings, trees, and so on. Seek out the most inhabited locations, to spend a fraction of the time. You will also face other players in this game, try not to build relationships them. you will package with them once your tornado is just right. By swallowing the location, your aim is to become the best report. There will be no levels to pass.

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