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Marlboro is one of the most popular cigarette brands, do you know that there is a poignant love story behind it? The meaning of Marlboro's brand is: Man Always Remember LoveBecause Of Romance Only" abbreviation, that is, "Men always remember love because of romance. " At the beginning of the last century, John was only 26 years old and later the founder of Marlboro was just a graduate. He fell in love with Sudan, the daughter of the president of a large consortium in the United States at the time. The two fell in love with each other, but their relationship was strongly opposed by the Sudanese father because he disliked John’s humble origin, except for a diploma. Nothing Newport 100S. So the Sudanese father asked John to make 100 million in a year and agree to marry his daughter as long as John could do it. Otherwise, he would marry his daughter to the son of Douglas, a powerful international commissioner Cigarettes Online. John was working in a tobacco company at the time, and his family thought that his old mother needed to be taken care of, so he could only go to the streets to make a living from wheat tobacco. Seeing that the agreed time was about to come, but he was still impoverished, thinking that his beloved woman was about to marry To others but powerless, John could only smoke one by one, because the cigarettes at the time were all cigarettes, and he would burn himself if he was not careful. John had a clever idea and added a connector cigarette holder at the end of the cigarette. In this way, the cigarettes would not burn to the mouth Newport Cigarettes, so filter cigarettes were born. Cigarettes equipped with filters became popular as soon as they entered the market, and John was also a huge success. But even so, John still failed to earn 100 million yuan. So Sudan was forced by his father to marry the wealthy son of Douglas. Later, the Sudanese husband became addicted to gambling and started smoking marijuana. After the husband lost his family and gave birth, Sudan chose to commit suicide. In order to commemorate this favorite woman, John, So I named my cigarette Marlboro. We can’t say that what the father did was wrong. If it’s you, would you choose to let your daughter be with the one you love, or sacrifice your daughter’s happiness for the so-called wealthy marriage What?
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