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[IQOS cartridge-Marlboro Marlboro Light Mint] has a mint flavor, leaving a hint of coolness in the mouth. It will feel softer after inhalation, but if you inhale in a big mouth, you will still feel irritation in the throat, not obvious but you can feel it. For a penny, it's really good. IQOS cigarette bomb light mint is the flavor that I think is the most easily accepted by novices, whether you are an old cigarette smoker or a loyal fan of imported cigarettes Newport 100S. The cool and cool inhalation of IQOS smoke bombs and mint will not make you feel disgusted. The mellow warmth in the initial cavity will be quickly replaced by a light mint flavor Cigarettes Online, so I want to eat a gum (this is The most accurate description I can think of) put it in the mouth, and after the lung suction, the sensation of larynx hitting the throat makes you feel a little amazing. The most direct experience at this time should be: This product is really Smoke, even people have a hint of nostalgia after being swallowed, which is palatable! This is also the reason why if a friend asks the editor to match him with several flavors, he is always happy to put it on the top position, of course IQOS cartridges Light mint is also the editor's favorite, maybe there is no one~! Comprehensive evaluation: [IQOS smoke bombs-Marlboro Marlboro light IQOS smoke bombs light mint is really like the traditional "cool smoke", the taste is softer, there is no in the mouth bitterness. It can be said that it is more detailed Cigarettes For Sale. When you take a sip, it will leave a cool feeling in your mouth, which not only has the taste of cold smoke, but also retains the taste of "true smoke". The editor thinks it is more suitable for young people! Those who don't like other flavors, I actually recommend IQOS smoke bombs to try!.
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