Details of Adjustment to RuneScape Ancient Familiars with Update in June 2020

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It has been revealed that RS ancient summoning will be rebalanced with the update this month. Read the details below to learn what will happen in game.

RS ancient summoning rebalanced soon

According to the recent official news post, the develop team will be rebalancing RS ancient familiars with the recent update. After the adjustment, more Binding Contracts will be made, and more pouches will be created. The price of the scrolls will eventually be lowered.

Details of RS ancient familiars rebalance

Here is some detailed information on RS ancient summoning rebalance:
1. After the update, all ancient familiars will convert into 20 scrolls per pouch, instead of 10. However, as players will get double the scrolls, the amount of XP gained from each scroll use will be halved.
2. The buy limits of all Archaeology materials will be increased from 1,000 to 5,000 with this ancient familiars rebalance. This serves the dual purpose of ensuring that all players can get hold of the materials they need, and removing the indirect restriction the buy limit placed on the number of Binding Contracts that could be made.

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RE: Details of Adjustment to RuneScape Ancient Familiars with Update in June 2020

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