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When talking to Sloppy, he said that someone on the Internet said that in order to live the life he wanted, he had to give up something because there is no justice in this world. Say if you want to be free, you have to sacrifice a little security. If you want to be idle, you can't get the achievements of others' evaluation; if you want to be happy, you don't need to care about the attitudes given by those around you. If you want to move forward, you have to leave where you are now. Is this really the case? "He asked me. I said," Did you not hear the old man say that losing is a blessing? " Those who are willing to suffer losses will not lose, and if they lose too much, there will always be rewards. Those who like to take advantage of it can't take advantage of it, win small profits, and eventually lose big money. "No matter how good this world is, you ca n��t have it for a long time. You do n��t have to care about the rebate of the moment. It ��s not as good as compassion and help. Is n��t someone who speaks the world wins the world! I say you do n��t think success or failure The reason, today's bitter results, may be your sins yesterday; your current contributions may be your flowers tomorrow. I also read the above words on the Internet, so I copied and sold now. It seems to be a movie, and we are the characters in this movie. Sometimes we think we are the protagonist in the movie, but in reality we are just a small supporting role, and some people may only have one shot Marlboro Lights. In a movie, you have to play a role only by yourself. In short, life, as long as you are as good as your heart. Say: I have a relative KOKO working in Shanghai, IT engineer, 30 and four years old He is unmarried so far, he does n��t want to get married, but he is afraid to fall in love after three failed relationships. No matter what kind of good person you introduce, he just wo n��t meet her. If you ask him: why he said: I do n��t want to introduce Yes Newport 100S, it ��s like going to the market, I ��m sticking to my heart, and I do n��t fall in love because of loneliness. I also said, what ��s wrong with me being single? It ��s not the one I ��ve never met who is destined for me! If you want to love, love deeply. If it is just for pastime, it would rather never happen Marlboro Red. Nothing happens, because there is no need to speak more, we always have to forget each other, and only then can we restart our Love and life. You have looked at him all your life, but you have been neglected all your life; some people have looked at you, but you are remembered all your life; some people have looked at her, but it has affected your life. Some people are happy for you with enthusiasm, but they are neglected by you; some people give you a short-term pleasure and joy, but they tell you to use your life's thoughts. Some people wish you wishfully for many years, but you are I refused for many years; some people carelessly said so, forgetting each other in the rivers and lakes is not so forgetful. I said: "That is, some people say that there is no rehearsal in life, so love, too, just live broadcast, It's better to be a good self every day. "
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Thank you very much. I’m always looking for an excuse to add new things!

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