I remember when I was

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I remember when I was in high school, it was night every time I went home. The smoke from the roadside barbecue stalls is always overwhelming Newport 100S. In an instant, the light shone, the shout rose, the bottle hit the hungry last night, and ordered a delicious takeaway, a small skewer, a chicken stand. His takeaway is always wrapped in very thick tin foil, and they are very close, so when I take my hands to peel the tin foil, it is still a little hot. Some things in the world are the same. The rape flowers are yellow, and the moon is always blue. There is also the smell of charcoal fire, there is always a noisy sound when roasting the meat on the sign. And I always like this kind of taste, it seems that there are thousands of feelings when I take a deep breath. It turned out to be the beginning of the university. I remember walking through a large area of ??cornfield with the last group of people, and then came to the roadside barbecue stall at the village entrance and drank a few bottles of beer in the bucket. Then I ate a lot of meat that may not be too cooked. Those memories passed through my mind quickly. Until today, I ate a steaming skewer and drank sour plum soup with water alone. Thinking about those days, it seems that it can only be described as lazy, but it seems very long. Several parents on WeChat told me that the child would return to school tomorrow but could not come to class. Want to open a can of beer, think about it, drink a few bites of plum soup, maybe life is just too much growth for us Cigarettes Online. Also forced to be the one in your mouth, with his suit exposed and his underwear unwashed. The shoes are shiny and the socks are not worn. The true self will not change. The change from the inside out to the end is only the appearance, like an air-conditioned room, the outside is hot and the inside is cold. When it is about to rain, there will always be a smell of dust. When there is no fragrance, but people can still remember deeply. When sitting in a tattered chair late at night, the most thought is probably the thick smoke. It seems to be a kind of feeling, the taste of fireworks has not changed from beginning to end, even if at different times, experienced different people, drinking different beers. Overturning the box is a very interesting word. It can bring back your old memories again. They all say that people need to grow. Every night, every time when they are lonely, they are happy to have written a lot of stories that happened There are also people who forget their names Marlboro Cigarettes. But it also sadly faded all the memories. I want to go to the place where I used to be, closer, closer. Too far is not good, all emotions have a distance. But the taste of the earth in the rain was the same as when I was a child, and it was the same when I grew up. There is also a sensation of feeling that if you do n��t drink, you ca n��t tell clearly, but if you drink, you ca n��t finish, and you ca n��t hear clearly. During this period of calming down, I often suffered from insomnia. There is no feeling, just quietly looking at the ceiling. I specially bought a pack of Gao Lego that I drank when I was a kid. This thing really costs milk, but it tastes great. I like it from the col
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RE: I remember when I was

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