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World of Warcraft Game Masters can come from any time zone. The last game master that wasn't from some far away land, and may not even have any WoW friends, died in a particularly difficult raid boss fight. Since all players have begun to save on keybindings at this point, we're only asking that you try to place one or two additional game masters in regions where you spend a lot of time.

If you have two spots left available, we ask that you select only one from each of the three continents. Any additional game masters that don't place will automatically get their place taken away in the next tournament. That way, the most skilled players will still be given a chance to gain valuable experience.

"From Elwynn Forest we'll travel to the Nightmare-drenched land of Hyjal. No one is safe in this place of tempests, forests of wild flowers, and ancient sleeping giants. From deep within Hyjal, Sintharia the Protector leads us to the ancient stronghold of the titan-forged Zul'Drak. A sea of frozen lava and cracked earth waits beyond. To defeat the Zandalari ruler, the army must enter the Zandalari stronghold in the deepest, darkest reaches of the Hyjal, far below the icy seas.

Players with 400 or more Shadow Resist and 300 or more Shadow Damage have a chance to be able to purchase "Shadow's Mirror" and "Shadow's Retribution", which grants 100% damage reduction against targets from a particular discipline. The damage reduction applies to all damage caused by your spell based abilities, including everything generated by your players, monsters, and quests. This benefit is separated into three separate costs: PvP damage reduction, PvE damage reduction, and PvP damage reduction and (mostly) PvP damage reduction. Damage done is reduced by the PvP damage reduction costs. By the way, it is recommended that you come to our website lootwowgold to Buy WoW Gold .

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I love this game

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