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It was during the events of the Siege of Orgrimmar that Alliance and Horde came together to form the Shattered Hand, led by Marshal Ramon Farman. After many years of asociation and hundreds of battles, the Horde had pulled the last great holdout of the ogres, their world now under siege. As the siege of Orgrimmar began, it took the combined forces of the combined races of Azeroth to vanquish the orcs once and for all. Despite their overwhelming numbers, the orcs are forced to retreat back into their world. The defending Alliance of Light.

In 3.3.0, the Bonus Roll option from Grim Batol was moved from World of Warcraft Classic to the Action Replay Options menu. After having been removed in Patch 3.2.0, it has returned to the game's original functionality of being included with all items earned from quests.

This was later adapted to World of Warcraft. In the World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade, Classic RPG in-game text had the following line: "Mystics can still bring about the end of the world through their spells. The battle against the undead has brought their power closer to the surface, and my spells would seem to have made them more vulnerable. But for those touched by the Shadow, the demonic infection will surely cease." After the launch of the live game in 2020, the in-game dialogue from Vanilla servers had the following line: "Soul mages have been strengthening their magic with rituals and traditions that we ancient night elves call spells.

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