How to intercept with mut coins

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In the latest Madden NFL 20 guide, we will guide you step by step to learn how to intercept, which is always one of the biggest momentum interferences that can occur in the game. We will also discuss some passing defense techniques, which are crucial in the heavy passing environment of the current game.

It's a way to pick opponents and undermine their motivation.

How to intercept with mut coins

If you're just looking for the button input needed to perform the interception, let's start here.

To block a volley as a defender, you must press the "Y" button on the Xbox or the "triangle" button on the PS4 regularly.

You will need to be in a good position to do this, which usually means standing in front of the receiver.

It may happen in Madden to try to break and steal the ball , but it's as rare as the NFL. You'd better read the route and jump to the front, then get a great number of mut coins.

As you will read below, if you can't get such a good position, there are other ways to interrupt the game. Interception is exciting, but not always the right choice.

Don't forget that, like anywhere else in the field, "RT / r2" acts as your sprint button, so if you get burned, it may be because you're walking too slowly.

Advanced traffic defense control

If you want to add some mut coins strategies, you can also try the ball hawk function, although your mileage may be different.

ball hawk allows defenders to track the ball in the air and volley. The problem is, like the ability to actively capture color people and other recipients, it's a high-risk / high reward strategy.

You may find yourself in the wrong position and get angry at a big game, or a weird athlete like Julio Jones may jump out of you. In this case, it's better to improve your situational awareness rather than taking pictures. You can use "X" on your Xbox or "square" on your PS4 to swing the ball .

If you're not good at putting the ball and you don't like clapping, you may want to play catcher yourself. This means that once you catch the ball , you will suffocate and expand the game to prevent him from gaining the ability to catch the RAC code after the ball , or even cause a drop. To play the receiver, press "a" on the Xbox or "Cross (x)" on the PS4.

If you don't control the defender's ability to control the ball , they will play as independent as other AI players on the field, and if you are always struggling with passing coverage, it's best to stick with being a defender or lineman. But if you insist on cornering or safety and need a little help, there is hope.

You can activate defensive assist by pressing "LB" on the Xbox or "L1" on the PS4, which tells the game to adjust the direction for you. If you slow down or find that you are not in the right position, the defensive helper returns control to the AI and brings you back to the right position to play.

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