but to understand the dialectical

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Years are flowing, life is extending, and people are middle-aged before they can understand many things. Originally, I thought that ability determines destiny; now, I know that character determines destiny. Of course, ability is always the foundation of fate. Ability is a beautiful business card, but it is a skill, not a character. Capable but without good character, it is easiest to clear up, to do hard work without good mentality, it is easy to develop hostility, and in the end it becomes the first to fail. Originally, I thought that struggle determines height; now, I know that opportunity determines height Marlboro Red. Of course, struggle is always a high prerequisite. Struggle is a touching landscape, but if there is no favor of opportunity, the landscape is beautiful in the deep mountains. Opportunity is a destiny. For most people, it actually gives you a fulcrum, and you can't pry up the earth. It turned out that I thought success was success; now Newport Cigarettes Coupons, I know that cultivation is success. Of course, the two are not contradictory. Gongming is a dazzling aura, but it does not represent more happiness. Only when one understands happiness, satisfaction, gratitude, and dedication, can understand everything with a normal heart, treat all things with kindness, carelessness, and constant comfort, can this be a real success. Originally I thought that all roads lead to Rome, but now I know that some intersections can only lead to dead ends; I originally thought that many friends had multiple roads, and now I know that people who are close to Zhu are close to those who are close to Mexico; originally I thought that to be a person must Iron bones, and now I know that being the best is gentle and gentle; I thought that some big words were deceiving myself, but now I know some big words are really bitter medicine. I thought so much now, but now I do n��t think so Marlboro Lights. In fact, it is no longer simply to think that white is white, black is black, black and white is clear, otherwise, it is the other, but to understand the dialectical unity of things, and to understand the external and internal coordination. You know, it ��s like sitting on a train to enjoy the scenery. You have to walk some way to sigh from your heart. That ��s it. After this stop, understanding will be different. I now understand that, after a few years, I may disagree. But it doesn't matter. At this age, you know how to become more and more nihilistic. The train of life may be at the station.
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