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Is depression really the curse of genius? Research shows that writers and other creatives do suffer from depression at a higher rate than the rest of the population. And they Authentic Vita Vea Jersey , along with others born with creative gifts have a much higher rate of suicide.

Writing is not the glamorous profession it may appear to be. Rejection, deadlines, self-doubt and many hours spent in isolation can eventually push you over the edge. Plus lack of exercise and being stuck indoors staring at a computer screen all day doesn't help either. Success as a writer also means you have to rely on the opinions of other people such as editors, publishers and agents Authentic Mike Evans Jersey , which makes things even worse.

I'm not claiming to be a genius but I am a creative person and a depressive. My depression affects my creativity. Sometimes it is good for it, sometimes it's bad. Normally, when everything gets dark and gloomy for me I tend to go into myself and I begin to question everything. I can't deny that I've always seen the world differently, that I tend to see all the negatives about it rather than the positives. Sometimes I am aware that I may be too pessimistic and when I'm accused of this I always say that I'm only being realistic. I know that when I'm in this state of mind people don't want to be around me Authentic Jameis Winston Jersey , but that's fine because I don't want to be around people. Pessimistic thoughts can ruin my writing though. Especially if I am doubting my talent as a writer, which is often.

During this time dark thoughts enter my head and I ask myself just what is the point of writing as I won't get published. Anyway, who would want to publish such rubbish? Me a writer? Ha! I'm just a talentless depressed person living in a world of make believe because I can't face the real world. I might as well end it right now. And the thoughts torment me all day, adding to the feeling of hopelessness Authentic Mike Alstott Jersey , the future looking bleak.

But I don't give up. I don't kill myself, even if the thought does cross my mind. This is because I know from experience that this dark period won't last. In a few days my writing will start getting good again. The dark cloud will lift and I will think differently. I will start to believe in myself again. Of course I can write. Of course I can get published. If others can get book deals so can I. After all, there are worse writers in the world than me and they're published and successful.

And when I do eventually emerge from the pit of depression, to my surprise Matt Gay Jersey , I am struck by a short burst of creative energy that lasts from around three days to a whole week. Sometimes I'll have two or three projects on the go because the ideas just keep flooding in and I can't stop them. This is a great feeling and I can't wait to get out of bed and put in those extra hours of writing. It's not that my depression has worn off, it just gets a little more manageable. I still feel sadness, but it's not as intense.

Sometimes though I don't wait for this moment to arrive. Instead, I try to write myself through a depressive episode Anthony Nelson Jersey , even though it's the last thing I feel like doing. If I'm angry it's even better as I can use this anger in my fiction.

It is said that writers are depressed because they work for long periods alone. But this isn't my problem because I actually enjoy my own company. I accept that this is part of a writer's life and if I spent all my time socializing no writing would ever get done. It's nice to have other writer friends though, so I would recommend joining a writers' group or participating in one of the many writers' forums on the Internet.

I do sometimes wonder if being a writer is a curse, but then I think how would I be if I didn't write? It's such a large part of me. It's what makes me who I am as an individual. I'm sure other writers can understand what I mean. I don't think you choose to write. It chooses you. And I do question what type of writer I'd be without my depression. Who knows? Maybe I wouldn't be a writer. That's something I can't answer I'm afraid.

If you are depressed please don't suffer in silence. See your doctor for professional medical advice.

Is Starting an Internet Business as Easy as They Say? ECommerce Articles | June 17, 2008
Are there are too many misleading things being said about the time and money needed to start an Internet Business? Get real and manage your expectations before you become disheartened and feel overwhelmed.

I read in an article today that you could start an Internet business with little to no money Mike Edwards Jersey , have it up and running within a matter of hours, and start producing profits immediately. Fantastic. Amazing. Wow. Count me in.

But then there was a little bit on the end that said - 'if you know what you're doing.'

And here's the catch - do you know what you're doing? Is it really possible to start an Internet Business overnight on a shoestring? Because if you don't manage your expectations at the beginning, you'll become disheartened and dejected and fall off the wagon before it's even got rolling.

The article went on to talk about Autoresponders, ftp Jamel Dean Jersey , web design, HTML and so. And rightly so. These are all integral parts of getting your Internet Business up and running. But on a shoestring? Overnight? Come on.

There was only the slightest hint of a learning curve in the article. And who is going to be on your shoulder to motivate you and push you and make sure you get things done? And where do you look for the right cost-effective tools.

Let's be really honest, it will take more than a few days for a non-techy to get there head around designing and posting a website. Deciding who you want to host your domain can be as confusing as which Autoresponder product you should use.

So what is really achievable? What are the real timescales? What are the real costs?

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