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Example ?let s say your company has a problem with staff members continually arriving late, leaving the company short staffed at the start of many business days. Not only is this annoying personally, but it limits productivity Cheap Air Max 360 2020 Australia , customer satisfaction, and morale. The typical way to address this problem would be to talk to those who are the primary offenders and see whether that will eliminate or reduce the problem. But, using the MIBAG process you would introduce a Magnificent, Inspiring, Bold Cheap Air Max 270 2020 Australia , and Audacious Goal by announcing that the company would be 100% staffed at opening every day and would work hard to eliminate the problem ?then talking to the offenders and putting them on notice.

Normal Goal ?Increase 2006 Sales 12%

MIBAG ?Increase 2006 Sales 50%

Normal Goal ?Decrease Shipping Errors

MIBAG ?Eliminate Shipping Errors

Normal Goal ?Introduce a new product

MIBAG ?Introduce a new LINE of products

MIBAG s shift company focus and light fires under it by committing new resources, in fact, committing the whole company to extraordinary achievement. MIBAG s are not for the faint of heart because they create quantum change and I am certainly not advocating them for every company or every business owner. But for those companies that have large ambitions and appetites for achievement, using the MIBAG process can be the spark that thrusts the enterprise into hyperspeed.

Take your current primary goal and ask:

Is this goal Magnificent?
Can we make it the beacon of the company s focus?
Is this goal Inspiring?
Can we get everyone inspired to achieve it?
Is this goal Bold?
Can we make it bolder?
Is this goal Audacious?
Can we get everyone to understand what we all have to do to achieve it?
Do we have (or can we get) the resources to achieve it?
Do we really want to do this?

Then, if the company commits to the MIBAG - hold on to your hats ?it will be quite a ride!

Larry Galler coaches and consults with high-performance executives Cheap Air Max 2020 Australia , professionals, and small businesses since 1993. He is the writer of the long-running (every Sunday since November 2001) business column, "Front Lines with Larry Galler" Sign up for his free newsletter at Questions??? Send an email to larry@

First of all, you know as well that Google is still the #1 Search Engine in the net, leaving Overture at the second place. If you type a word or a phrase in Google's search box and press "enter" Cheap Air Max 2019 Australia , a large number of links will appear in front of you, related to the subject you've typed earlier.

Take a look at the right hand side of the main page. There should be another group of links complete with their descriptions, right? Only, these ones are much smaller than those main link results. What is the difference?

Do you see the subtitle: Sponsored Links? Those link results on the right hand side is called Google AdWords. People bid a certain price to Google to put their links on there everytime visitors search for related keywords. Those advertisers are only paying for the numbers of click-throughs to their links. This kind of advertising is called the Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

In order to reach a higher position in the link results, Google has set up a unique formula. Let's say you want to put your link in Google AdWords and you bid for "flowers" as your main keyword. You are not the only one who bid for that keyword. There are lots of people who also bid for it Cheap Air Max 2018 Australia , since they also want to promote their "flowers" sites!

The unique formula of Google AdWords is that you can't reach the #1 position only by increasing your bidding price. Google also considers your Click Through Rate (CTR). CTR is a value that represents how many click-throughs (clicks on your ad) you get among your ad's impressions. Too many difficult words?

OK, let's try it this way... Impressions is the frequency of your ad's appearance in the search engine's result page. If your ad appears 500 times, than your ad's impression is 500. But, of course you don't get a click everytime your ad shows up. From those 500 impressions, perhaps you only get 1 click. This makes your CTR = 1500 = 0.002 = 0.2%

The better the CTR you have for an ad Cheap Air Max 1 2020 Australia , the lower you have to bid for the same position.

That means, Google also rewards the good content of your ad. When your ad gets a lot of click-throughs, that means you have a good ad and Google rewards you for that! Your ad is good according to Google if your ad is relevant with the content of your site.

In Google AdWords, the rich ones don't always win - the smart ones do!

Of course there are still a lot of things we haven't touch regarding Google AdWords, but we have to do it later. After all Cheap Air VaporMax Sandal Australia , this is a quick overview for beginners, right?

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