The pumpkin carriage wit

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The pumpkin carriage with the golden light shining on the whole body is always sitting with a magnificently decorated, well-dressed, kind-hearted princess; the forest always hides the luxurious but unknown kingdom, waiting quietly for each day; the ugly walnut shell There will always be a delicate skirt, a shining fairy stick... This belongs to us, belongs to our fairy tale ten years ago. A long time ago, the fairy tale was all. A velvety dream that wanders in every season. When we grow up, when we think of our childhood awareness of fairy tales, we can't help but laugh: the stepmother is as sultry as Snow White's stepmother; the person who sleeps and can't wake up needs a kiss to wake up; It seems that there is always a secret hidden in it. Because of my magical and beautiful fairy tale in my life, the rabbit on the bedside seems to speak Marlboro Red. Vaguely remember, I used to hold a fairy stick against all the dolls to "point the way, passionate words." The time axis stopped in adolescence. Fairy tale begins to become boring, childish and boring. The fairy tale book of a cabinet has disappeared without a trace, and it has also broken our warmth of fairy tales. Friends are always circling a colorful romance novel, and I will follow the crowd. At first, romance novels seem like a catalyst for youth, opening up illusions about the unknown world. In the end, I found out that the protagonist is not like a prince or a princess? Cinderella always has a wealthy, handsome prince. Isn't this a fairy tale? It turned out that the body of the fairy tale, we have not seen, can not call back, but the shadow is still, to cover our hot heart to cover a cool world. Time does not go backwards, but the fairy tale has returned, now. We have experienced too much and finally believe that the original is beautiful Carton Of Cigarettes. A lot of things have been deviated from the expected track Cheap Cigarettes, and perhaps we can't accept it, we can only recall the original one. "The dandelion next to the small pool fence is a tasteful scene in memory. The sound of the nap playground is very good. How many years later it is still very good." The childhood noise is noisy and tasteless. After many years, the so-called "quiet world" I think that is also a happy drama, but we can't sit in the classroom and "listen" with annoying heart. The same is true of fairy tales, which are now remembered by us. The sorrow of fairy tales remains the same, and the nostalgia for fairy tales is with us. We can't hold the fairy tale book reading, so we just remember the original long time ago, the fairy tale is all; later, the fairy tale hides behind us and dare not show up; now, the fairy tale is the original and the future. On my way, fairy tales are always there, you?
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