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Fatherly love is a breeze in the spring, blowing up the grass that is hibernating. Fatherly love is a cool breeze in the summer, cooling the working farmers. Father, how many years have passed, I have not said thank you to you. Whenever I saw your dark face and pale white hair Wholesale Cigarettes, I couldn't help but cry. I still remember last year, I asked you for living expenses. You left your right pocket all over. There is only one 50-yuan banknote, or it��s wrinkled. You don��t hesitate to give it to me. You said, at school. Eat well, don't treat yourself when you are long! At that moment, your eyes seem to glow, and all the light of hope is cast on me Marlboro Gold. I didn't talk, just put the money into my pocket. I never knew how you would spend a week, and I never thought about it. Father, now I feel that my movements are really stupid and stupid. At that time, our family's economy is very tight. You have to take care of the animals feeding at home and get up early to go to work. Perhaps, I will never forget that you did not hesitate that day and my current uneasiness and uneasiness. Without you Online Cigarettes, how should I grow like a weak grass? Without you, where should I go for a lonely boat? Father, you are the "nutrition" of my healthy growth, and it is the downwind when I am going. Father, I salute you! Whenever you recall the past, you can't help but drop a few tears. You have said that the crying person is the most rude! So for so many years, I have not seen you crying, the flag waving in the wind is particularly spirited and straight in the air. But no one would think that it has such a day, the wind, although it has gone through hardships, the banner also violates its will. When I was young, I was too ignorant. I have been saddened by you. On the day of my tenth year, I cried because of a joke, and I was too serious about anything at the time. I looked at the delicious meals at the table or chose to leave. My mother advised me, I didn't listen. You are really angry. I screamed at me and I sneaked out of the house to eat. I didn't notice your wrinkled face. The thick brow wrinkled, and my heart was filled with pain and affection. . Later, I realized your pains. I began to regret the mistakes of the beginning, but I don��t come back. The one I can face is that your bright smile is a few silver hairs, and you will ��declare war��, you still ��squat�� your age, work around the clock. For the sake of my future.
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