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The albufereta beach in alicante Travel Articles | April 14 , 2011
When summer comes, everybody wants to go on a nice, relaxing, well deserved holiday after an entire year of stress and agitation in the big cities

Visiting Spain in the summer

When summer comes wholesale air max , everybody wants to go on a nice, relaxing, well deserved holiday after an entire year of stress and agitation in the big cities. Millions of people choose Spain as their holiday destination, attracted probably by its wonderful Mediterranean climate with moderate temperatures. However air max clearance , the weather is not the only reason why tourists visit Spain every year; the list of reasons is actually very long as Spain is one of the most diversified and beautiful countries in the world. When you step on Spanish land, you are immediately charmed by the breathtaking, picturesque landscapes, the beauty of the architecture which is an interesting combination of different cultures cheap air max clearance , the rich historical heritage, the colorful fiestas, the delicious cuisine and last but not the least, the unique customs and traditions such as the passionate flamenco and the full of adrenaline bullfighting. How can one not fall in love with such beauties considering that in addition to all these cheap air max mens , Spain is the perfect place for a seaside holiday? Spain?s beaches are among the best in the world; only a few other beaches can compete with those in Spain, so a seaside holiday in Spain will surely be a memorable one.

Alicante and its beaches

Alicante is a holiday resort situated on the picturesque and warm Costa Blanca, one of the most popular resorts in Spain. Thousands of tourists choose it every year for the excellent conditions of its beaches and the entertainment offers which make boredom almost impossible here. Alicante has a series of beaches that deserve your attention, especially because they are surrounded by spectacular landscapes and because they have been designated the European Blue Flag for the exquisite conditions they offer. The beaches that you are not allowed to miss are the Postiguet beach cheap air max womens , the San Juan beach, the Urbanova beach and last but not the least, the Albufereta beach.

Going to the Albufereta beach

Albufereta is located very close to the San Juan beach but it is much smaller and much more private. It is a very private beach because it is somehow hidden by residential buildings which make it very quiet and relaxed. Albufereta was originally a harbor for the old Roman city of Lucentum; remains of the docks are still visible in the southern part of the beach. ferienhaus in lloret de mar It is now the perfect place for those who want to spend a few hours in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoying facilities such as lifeguards cheap air max shoes , watchtowers and Red Cross which make it a very safe beach.

Waqar Khan
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