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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice that is of utmost importance in internet circles. It is driven by the desire of webmasters to attract as many visitors as possible to their websites in an environment that is both very crowded and competitive. It is now the case that a business needs to hire an SEO company Singapore to help it with aspects of SEO. It is accordingly important to understand the basics of search engine optimization before exploring various unacceptable SEO strategies that are otherwise referred to as Black hat SEO techniques.

Search engines have programs called spiders or crawlers that look through web pages to find the keywords which people use to find information online. The search engines then rank all pages found with these particular terms according to their prominence. A web page in which a given search terms appears more frequently will thus rank higher. Secondly pages with a higher number of links pointing to them will also rank better. These are indeed the search engines basics that an unscrupulous SEO Company Singapore might manipulate in a bid to force a website up the rankings; these unethical SEO tactics are designated the term 鈥渂lack hat SEO techniques鈥?

One popular black hat technique that a devious SEO company Singapore may resort to is called keyword stuffing. In this technique keywords are repeated very many times in the web page contents commonly towards the bottom or in areas that a reader might not notice. Closely related is the tactic of putting keywords in text matching the background color of the web page so that the viewer does not see them (but the search engine does). Another trick is the use of misleading keywords to trick visitors i.e. stuffing web pages with keywords that the website has nothing to do with.

A second black hat technique is buying or otherwise acquiring hundreds of links from link farms with an aim of creating an illusion of popularity for the website. This practice is based on the fact that search engines consider pages with more links to be more useful. Another popular cheating style is creating one page that ranks very highly in the search results and then duplicating it over and over so that as it is repeatedly high up in the search results thus forcing other pages out of the top listings.

All the aforementioned black hat techniques work albeit temporarily. A website might enjoy an upsurge of traffic but this effect will not last for long because search engines like Google now use efficient algorithms to detect such irregularities and the responsible SEO company Singapore. Such pages are blacklisted as soon as they are detected. The same fate befalls link farms and the web pages to which they send their links.

Of course people will always come up with more ways to beat these systems but one way or another it is generally agreeable that black hat SEO is detrimental to any online business. Not only does it put the website at risk of being flagged as an offender it can also damage the business's reputation and thus annoy its current and potential customers. Before a business hires the services of an SEO company Singapore it must ensure that it is a reputable company that only uses white hat SEO the ethical opposite of black hat SEO.

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