Mr. Qian Zhongshu said

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Mr. Qian Zhongshu said: "There are more places where there are more chickens and ducks, and more places for women." I think it is more appropriate. When I bought the food back in the morning, I saw a bunch of people whispering and whispering, and I was pointing at a back of the car and pointing out the poke and talking. When I approached, they immediately fell silent. Suddenly, the spirit of the move Carton Of Cigarettes, and laughed. That look is very unnatural. I can't quite understand these long-lost women. Among them, the older can be our elders; the younger is almost the same age as us. This good morning in the morning, you can go out and exercise! Or look at the book at home, it's really nothing to do, home cooking and housework is also OK. Actually, I was drunk with this good time gossip. It is really impossible to respect them. One of the old women, often a bowl of food, walked the East, the family, the parents, the Li family did not say that it was difficult to suffer. If any relatives and friends come to see her Newport Cigarettes Coupons, she can't catch up with others. Do you welcome guests for others? Not also. She is nothing more than fucking her "old bank" and conducting a "census." Waiting for others to sit down, one by one, chasing the roots and asking the relatives are very embarrassed. It is her strength to play tricks. On one occasion, she started a bunch of clowns between a wife who had just passed the door and the mother-in-law Online Cigarettes. So she moved on both sides, and she really did not pay attention to her, and there was finally a fierce battle between her mother-in-law. And she laughed at the side, gloating: I knew they had a big fight. Afterwards, people knew that she was stalking from it, and she was close to it Cheap Cigarettes. Sadly, these women��s daughter-in-law also started the alternate team members. The face is thicker than the wall. It��s true that ��it��s not a family, not a family door.�� There are all kinds of things in life, and there are more people. But we must never do this kind of "long tongue woman" type of person. "When you are quiet, think about yourself, when you are free, don't talk about people." Isn't this sentence worth learning from each of us? Do more meaningful things, don't waste time on gossip and move your tongue Marlboro Gold. It's boring and boring. The highest realm of life is tolerance. The highest realm of getting along is respect!

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