Bealtaines Dance

#1 von Emrys , 30.04.2009 15:47

Ich wünsche euch allen ein gesegnetes, wildes und zügelloses Bealtaine/Walpurgis.

Oh lord, where is your maiden? Gone?
Thy mighty name from oaken comes
and blessed the earth beneath your feet.
When Bealtaines dance begins.

Oh maiden, no maiden you are anymore.
You are more wise now than in spring,
so choose your lord and joyfull sing,
when Bealtaines dance begins.

Oh child that you were born in here,
evoke now magic, love and joy out there,
until you go to sleep.
And Bealtaines dance begins.

Oh earth, we try not to forget
the magic into our soul,
when Bealtaines music blows its horn,
when Bealtaines dance begins.

Oh men, please just remember now,
the lord and lady in the woods,
the sunchild in your own soul,
then Bealtaines dance begins.
Emrys 29.04.09

Blessed be you all and a happy Bealtaine

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