he same is a blue sky

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he same is a blue sky, the same world, the same round of the moon, the same writing a word, the same belongs to a human heart, the same life story... bustling street, tearful call; car busy road, pulled Love; the bridge in the rain, the faceless beggar; the hot hospital, the painful suffering; the virtual network, quiet healing... The road turns to the mountain water, the king does not see the embroidered building has a spring heart; the wind is tight Crazy Carton Sale On Newports, you can't see the cold window night reading hi-famous; the flowering spit bee butterfly love, you can't see the crowds of cars and seas. Life, life, life is the mood; the mood, the mood, the mood to find the warmth; seeking warmth, seeking moisture, warming the film to life. It is life, there are some stories of sorrow and joy! It is life, it is a bit troublesome! It is happiness, there is a harbor of the soul, which accommodates Baichuan "Turning the skylight of the night, saying wishes to the pop, giving me a pair of wings... "The random music that came from my ear reminds me of your bit by bit from the trainee to the present Cheap Cigarettes Newport In Nj." When you talk, you like to lick your right eye and like to lick your lips. When you are free, you will listen to Jay Chou's song quietly. When you are a trainee, the foundation of the dance is not good, and the dance course at that time is heavier. You can't wait to use the avatar every day. I was deeply impressed when you sang "Onion" a long time ago. After that, you and your two other friends formed TFBOYS, but in my eyes, you are still the brightest. Stars, you will shine in the dark. In the age of 15 years old, most people grow up under the protection of their parents, but you have already assumed the burden that you can't bear at the age of fifteen. You are rushing through the various programs on the premise that you can learn not to retreat. You are very polite and will be embarrassed when you meet your predecessors. In the show, you are full of gas, but you will be shy in private. You always say that you are the most calm, but the most crazy thing about playing games is that you are flying directly on the stage. Some brain powder says that your double chin is not good. You only have to eat a little at noon when the junior high school entrance exam is approaching, and you have to face a lot of papers in the afternoon. Have you forgotten that you have hypoglycemia? The new powder says that your tiger teeth are not Good-looking, you used to laugh and laughed on the court. You often have a cold joke that blurts out, and you are full of novelty about things. On Valentine's Day, you foolishly confess to fans. Sillyly, you are innocently smiling at fans. You will use your spare time to like fans. It��s just silly laughs that fans say ��like the madness��. You are a good captain, a good brother, and take care of your younger brothers. When the crowd is crowded, the younger brothers will go first, but you forget, you are only a few months older than your brother. You are just a child, you need People take care of. Everything you do is very serious, even if it is an impromptu dance, you will do your best and do your best to do your best. You said that fans are stars in your eyes and will shine. In our eyes you are the moon. He is also very tired, always passing a smile in front of the camera. In the audience, he will also cry, he is also an ordinary student, no matter how strong and mature, you are just a child, how can you make us dislike like this wonderful. Even if he doesn't have a single photo, it doesn't matter. His appearance is deep in our minds. Your study is very stressful. During the break time of the program, you should pick up the book carefully and carefully and look at it quietly. But you are still being sent by Chongqing's key high school. How can we not like this seriously? ...say a good ten-year contract. After ten years, you may not be happy, the light of the teenager will become stronger, and our figure will become more and more dim, unable to catch up with your footsteps. Ten years later, the ten-year agreement has been completed, how many fans have been away, how many fans have let go, and how many fans have given up. It can be a ten-year contract. How can we forget that we are all tears when we say it, we are willing to say good things, and there are still some concerns. Fans will retreat and give up, and even they cannot guarantee that they will stick to their promises Dirt Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. As time goes by, there are too many things to change, and I am afraid that I will give up in the end, but he will still bring me warmth. It is a warm little sun, and it will glow when it is dark. I can accompany you for ten years. I can't guarantee that I can accompany you to the end, but I will be able to accompany him now and accompany him to grow up. From school uniforms to suits, this will definitely go through a lot of difficulties, but I hope that I can accompany them. Fans' companionship is not the time of youth. He is not a cloud of smoke. He can't say give up and give up. If you don't, you can't say it. If you have him, fans will always accompany him, don't separate, don't give up. "Wearing a school uniform that is always clean but slightly loose, with black supple short hair, thin body, bright scorpion, when the laughter seems to be full of sunshine in the world. He is a special and natural existence, he is the charm of the stage The big star is a simple student on campus Marlboro 100S Cartons Us. He is very eye-catching and there is no one in the school. But he is gentle as warm sun. For you, you are close and far away, and the spring is light. Lightly blowing, he is your yearning for heart." You may have seen such a description in countless youth novels, seen such a plot, saw such a fascinating actor, but in real life In the middle, he really exists. For the thousands of girlfriends, Wang Junkai, perhaps this is the existence. I can say with a little shyness that Wang Junkai has satisfied all my fantasies about youth and youth. He is a handsome and handsome school student, a man of the school, an idol in the hearts of thousands of girls. Sometimes gentle and gentle Chicago Cigarettes Prices Cartons, sometimes domineering side leakage, know how to care for the people around you, and anyone can get together. Polite and responsible, the body has a shining aura at all times, but there is a reluctance to be distressed. This is indeed a character in the

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