result, a group of us were

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result, a group of us were punished. Under the scorching sun, the birds that drove the school��s responsibility to eat rice were occupied for a long time. When we were still, we carried the ladder, climbed a blockage wall, put the little hand into the bamboo hole to catch the sparrow, put it in the cage, and occasionally pulled out a long snake, which was shocked and shocked. Hold the ladder and sweat. The interests of the little friends shifted from the mountains to the fields and streams. The stocking of ducks has become a task for parents to apportion. Every day Marlboro Lights Online, stepping on the morning sun, picking up the duck cage, putting the ducks in the field, in order to facilitate the mud, �����, put a field of water to dry. After the sun was shining, the mud blew out a small hole, and the small fish swam in a piece. The scorpion hid in the mud and smog, and we bent over and caught it, gradually stuffing the small bamboo raft. After the arrest is completed, the ridges will be repaired again and the water will continue to be stored. Sometimes, you will also bring some oil and salt sauce vinegar, put the loach into the tea bottle, burn a pile of firewood, cook the soup, and carry the wild donkey. I don��t miss the giant snake. The favorite is the black tip, thick and long, and the snake soup is sweet. After trying to catch it, I dragged it into the creek, peeled off the skin, cut open the stomach, removed the internal organs, and washed it. Cut into a section and cook it in a casserole. Then, make an erhu with snake skin. The snake soup was disinfected, and I unknowingly cured my troubles every year. When the friends have eaten well, they will be divided into two groups to fight the muddy group and use the other side as a target. The match rate of the game is high, and the face is often bruised and not swollen. The ground can't stand the heat, just jump in the butt to the stream, or break the foot, blood and DC; or fall in the water, sneeze your nose, sometimes, bubbling, sometimes, revealing, playing taekwondo , playing water. Splashes of water, laughter flying. One day at noon, the adults Tian Geng took a lunch break, and they were playing in the Xiaxi River. Some of our little friends also sneaked in and soaked in bubbles. I unknowingly strayed into the deep water pool. Suddenly, one body Shen, his feet can't bottom, like a poisoned whale, panic, sometimes sinking, sometimes leaping, wowing, filling a stomach of water, just when my physical strength is about to run out, by a Big Brother took advantage of the bamboo poles and walked over to us. We knew that we were going to greet the bride's husband. We used a few words of the bride to provoke them. I didn't think that they held the bamboo poles and rushed straight Cigarette Cartons For Cheap. We pulled the legs and ran to the mountains. Star, because it is wearing his father's shoes, the feet only account for half of the shoes Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping, can not keep up, then jumped into a pit to curl up, was beaten by the rain-like bamboo poles. The bride is married from the patio to Ge, with a distance of forty miles. At that time, there was no road, no sedan chair, and here is the only way. So, we counted the time, holding a lot of mud from the field in advance, paving the path and filling the field. Then, hide in the mountains and peek into the mighty marriage team. Sure enough, the grotesque clumps: ���� stopped playing; the husband shivered; the bride frowned; all barefooted, rolled up the trousers, squatting, wading through. Marriage team, screaming, screaming again and again; the top of the hill, the front and back, the song sings: "Hey brothers! Come to the market...", a new young male teacher, medium-sized, The eyebrows are clear and the words are very sincere. When we went to see him, we still lived in the old school (later the village), and the classroom had already moved to the new school. When he met, he introduced himself: "My surname is Lu, the name is Beitan. I am a second-year language teacher and a class teacher. Later, if you have anything to learn, you can come to me at any time." And learn from us one by one. . Because I didn't have the money to pay the books, I didn't dare to go to school. After I knew it, I called me to his room and took out two new "Chinese" and "Arithmetic" from under the pillow, and there was no wrinkle. . Handed it to me and said, "This is the most beautiful set of textbooks. I deliberately pick the ones left for you. I will use them first, and then I will give them back the money." I am holding the textbook, tears in my eyes, no. Stop at the head. After a few days of school, Mr. Lu not only kept a new textbook for me, but also continued my position as a monitor. Teacher Lu not only cares about me, but also pays attention to me in life. Once, the school organized voluntary labor. Suddenly, my hair was erected and my whole body trembled. After Lu found it, I immediately took me home to rest. Therefore, I have a strong interest in learning, and my performance has always been at the forefront (later, dropping out of school in the first year, causing the high school stage to gradually regress) Marlboro Usa Price, and always serving as the squad leader. I never skip class, not only do not skip school, but also often convinced the partner who did not go to school to take him to school. Also organized classmates, in my home, founded the first night study group of the whole commune. I found a wooden board that is four meters long and one meter wide and made a table. I used a wool board to make a stool. I made the mud tough and made it into a stove. I placed it in the center of the board and lit the pine in the stove. bright. Two or thirty people are surrounded by a circle, and sometimes the book is screaming, sometimes, the birds are silent. Everyone concentrates on reading and writing homework. Received praise from teachers and parents. This activity has also become a model, a sensation in the education sector. There are often leaders of the commune to inspect my excellent performance, but also to take the lead in learning. Even if there are some minor problems, the teacher is also protecting me. However, what the teacher did not think is that I became more and more wild, more and more arrogant, almost helpless social environment, perhaps the role of physiological changes, and the worship of teachers gradually became resentful. At that time, the headmaster of the primary school was the teacher of Chen Mou, who was decentralized in Fuzhou, the provincial capital. A handsome man, the Chinese taught very well and was very prestigious. I often lead the students personally, go to the Camellia Mountain, and during the lunch break, go to the fields to play with water. Our two small partners, because of the bet, put the live mud in their mouths and let them freely drill down from the throat. I want to vomit for a few days, this is the only challenge in my life to swallow live animals Marlboro Red 100S For Sale. President Chen will earn the money, buy a barber knives, and free haircuts for teachers and students; award learning prizes; every year, the millet will be processed into rice, and some leeks will be cooked for all teachers and students. pause. Due to a small financial problem, someone began to brew him. So, I found me. After thinking about it, finally, I was forced to blame the economic problem. I drafted the first big-character poster on the most noisy street, forcing him to resign as the principal. Soon, he left the school and returned to Fuzhou. I was out of control. There was a teacher who was transferred from Yang Yuan. I was older and the level was normal. However, the length was very fierce. The students called him "San Mao Cat". Once he found the students doing small movements, Or secretly speaking, always slamming the whip quietly. Sometimes, when you get angry, you will pick up the stool and go to the ground. Then there will be four pits, which will scare everyone. So, we wrote these indecent actions as big-character posters and posted them on the street. The next day, I saw him walking down the head and becoming less energetic. The teacher took the class from the second grade to the fifth grade primary school. My squad leader and The ranking of achievements has not changed. He has always set an example by himself, and he has always been impressed by his attitude. He is always a small teacher who has not been attacked. It has also become the most admired teacher in my life. So far, I still have good teachers and students. The things that were provoked outside were transmitted to the family from time to time, causing great dissatisfaction with the family. The father used up the torture tools: bamboo branches, cedar leaves, wooden sticks, tongs, and fire shovel to touch them; the mothers were both hard and soft, sometimes snoring, and sometimes persuaded; Because, the frequency is frequent, in the face of all kinds of lessons, I have prepared two kinds of programs: once caught, beat, not crying, to hone their will; once they cause trouble, they will hide in the second floor of the kitchen in advance, The basket is covered, one is to avoid snoring; the other is to eavesdrop on the movement. At the beginning, the mother will point to Song Ming to find every corner of the village. Gradually getting used to it. Even if I was hungry and screaming, I had to bear it. When I was in the middle of the night, I sneaked into the rice cooker.

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