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RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 20 (Xinhua) -- China's 20-year-old diver Chen Aisen scored a highest 108.00 points in his last dive to win the men's 10-meter platform at the Rio Olympic Games here on Saturday.

It's China's first gold medal in the event since the 2004 Athens Games where Hu Jia clinched the title.

Chen became the first Chinese diver to win both the men's individual and synchronized platform titles at Olympic Games.

"I didn't think too much in the final, but I have expected to win the two gold medals, actually it is my goal," said Chen, runner-up of the event at the World Cup on February.

"I tried to focus on my dives," he said, adding he was not affected by Qiu Bo's bad performance.

Qiu, winner of the event at the 2011, 2013 and 2015 World Championships and 2016 World Cup, made mistakes in his second and fifth dives and only finished sixth in the final.

Chen finished with 585.30 points to beat Mexico's German Sanchez by 52.60 points in the final event at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Center. David Boudia of the United States, defending champion of the event, took bronze with 525.25 points.

China has won seven out of a possible eight diving gold medals at the Rio Games.

The cycle training programs are mostly provided to the beginners who are intending to learn the cycling techniques. The practice of cycling is highly useful for maintaining physical growth and health maintenance. These cycling training programs can now be easily accessed online and thus you can easily learn the techniques of cycling in a convenient manner. The online demonstrations are highly helpful and thus you can easily learn about the different parts of a bicycle along with the functional importance of those parts. These programs are conducted and organized either by any cycle training institute or by any club association.

cycling training program for the beginners

The selection of the best cycle training programs is highly challenging and thus you need to do thorough research regarding the same. You must choose such a flexible program that perfectly matches up with your requirement. The cycling goals of the beginners must be fully satisfied and fulfilled by the chosen training programs. If you are intending to get a thorough training for long-distance or rough driving , then you need to choose a specialized training program for the same. Choose only reputable programs which are being recommended by maximum cycling experts. Some of these programs are also useful for satisfying the competitive purposes.

In most of the cases, the experienced cyclist also follows these training programs sincerely in order to sharpen their existing cycling skills. If you are out of the practice of cycling for a long time , then these training sessions will be highly essential for you to make the cycling skills more polished. These are different health programs which also include training sessions of cycling so that the health enthusiasts can be highly benefited from the same. There are different cycling institutions that also make necessary arrangements for cycling camps so that the beginners can have the life experience of cycling in a proper way.

The <""; title="cycling training programs">cycling training programs are being handled by some highly skilled and expert cycling trainers or instructors. These trainers provide valuable guided instructions regarding how to maintain safety while cycling on the road. In fact, these instructors also provide a proper chart on diet maintenance as over-weight fellows face a lot of difficulty in practicing cycling freely. There are different seasonal cycling camps that are being organized from time to time and thus you can also attend the same for gaining efficient and practical training on cycling.

These cycle training programs also provide you a lot of enthusiasm and mental strength to face different critical challenges so that you can easily reach your goals. If you want to ride your bicycle in a flexible manner with convenient cycling for several miles , then nothing can be the best option other than these training programs. You need to choose the best training schedule so that you can attend and follow the same on a regular basis with great sincerity. You can also check out the feedbacks or comments on different training programs of cycling. These feedbacks will definitely help you to choose the best training program.

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NAIROBI, Aug. 11 (Xinhua) -- Kenya's Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) has partnered with local mobile firm Safaricom to offer more than 30 million Kenyans medical consultation services on their phones.

Under the partnership launched Tuesday in Nairobi by Kenya's First Lady Margaret Kenyatta , the M-Health service provider Hello Doctor, will act as an assistant to local general practitioners when consumers want a quick healthcare reference.

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