I have been obsessed with

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I have been obsessed with love, I have been troubled by love, and when everything has vanished, I still laugh at the road ahead. For the rest of my life, I will take your love and walk along the next road. It��s really a difficult choice. What is the choice between dream and reality? The choices let the other one sink, or even climb out of the predicament. For the helpless balance, they have to give up the guardianship of feelings, cut off the distance between the reality and the reality, and the loved ones are far from being able to find the past and can��t afford it. The future is leaving in a hurry, and it��s too late to tell you that the leaves of the ginkgo tree are yellow this year. The brakes are beautiful. Just like when you are there Cheap Newports, the photos in our mobile phone are still in the tree. Now you will not I came back. In the same place Newports 100, I still asked someone to take a photo for me. The position around me was always empty, so I kept the photos in the last thoughts. The long road was long. There were not many people walking on the roadside. Looking at the ginkgo leaves on the wooden bench Marlboro Gold Cigarettes, occasionally falling, quieting my world, without your days, the sky is dark, but there is no rain, the rain is only in my heart, the mist in the eyes is inadvertently accumulated. Look at the sight of the sky Newports Cigarettes Website, where can I find your trace? I have long been thinking about those painful injuries. In memory, you just accidentally bump into the numb heart, let the mood of the dead water rise slightly and slowly. Slowly falling into calm, not seeing or not, letting you go away from time to time, in the blink of an eye, the hometown is familiar with the hometown, and the most familiar number on the phone is still inadvertently dialed, and the prompt sounds are shocking, once again Prove that you are gone, away from my world, where should you take away the mourning where I will be placed? Let me think of you for a while in such a quiet time, just a little while, the rest of the time I Will walk slowly with that love, go to the end you can't see, after all, we are very ordinary, doing the most common things, living a dull life, those who leave are the forks of life, since they are not accompanying At the end of my life, I would like to thank them for leaving. I will leave my heart to my heart. After countless times, I will confirm that goodbye is really gone. I walked up the yellow leaves and walked through the familiar streets, drooping skirts. Being swayed by the wind and falling, let the thoughts in my heart drift away. I will not revisit those common memories. I will leave the dust in your corner Wholesale Cigarettes Online. I will not cover it, because those who are distressed I will calm down when I feel the most painful. I will continue to live a good life, see the scenery that you have not seen, listen to the Scorpio that you have not heard, and feel the warmth and beauty of the world. For the rest of your life, with your love. Go together.

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