NHL 19 offers the ability to customize over 200 legends

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As every year, we are entitled to a version of several sports games from different leagues. The National Hockey League is no exception and is back with NHL 19 which is available now on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. For this title, EA Sports has decided to put on the wallet none other than the famous Subban of the Nashville Predators team. With more than twenty years to his credit, the Vancouver company offers us some interesting new features that could satisfy the loyal players who may have begun to find titles more and more redundant.

Named World of CHEL, this novelty is certainly the most interesting. This is a league that has nothing to do with the National Hockey League. In fact, I could say that this is a representation of a house league since the concept is that one can create different characters with over 900 different clothes and items, and play an outdoor rink like s it was a group of neighbors playing hockey between them.

We can play with three different players in teams of 2 against 2. The most interesting is that we can play without payment! Your result will allow you to get additional clothes that will show your teammates your ascent in the game! Will the player you have created be fast and powerful enough to give the team specialties after certain events.

Hockey legends more numerous than ever. If you are more in the mood to play with real Hockey legends, maybe it's better for you to play the original mode and enjoy all that Hockey history has to offer. Indeed, NHL 19 offers the ability to customize over 200 legends that Hockey hundred year history can cover! As a Quebecker, I would be tempted to play Montreal Canadiens players like Maurice Richard and even Guy Lafleur!

NHL 19, interesting new things, and always good Hockey. With enhanced graphics, add-on animation, more real time speed, and more realistic results based on your stats, NHL 19 has plenty to keep you entertained for various evenings in the next winter. Whether it's the National Hockey League mode or the EA Sports Hockey League, you'll find some for your taste. For more information, visit pointssale.com where you can buy cheap NHL 19 Points Account. The cheapest NHL 19 Points Account are waiting for you.

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