On a bright Friday, everything i

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On a bright Friday, everything is calm and there is no difference in peace. I went to learn as usual and thought about Tan��s class. The weather is very good, I am walking on the side of the song Newport 100S Bulk Buy, and I feel very comfortable. I didn't expect Beijing's days to be extraordinarily different. It was cloudy when I first arrived at the classroom.t is true, the gods will not be beautiful, and after a few rumblings, the pouring rain will pour down. The greatness of the rain is simply overwhelming. However, there is a momentum of "black clouds over the uncovered mountains, white rain jumping into the boat." When the class is over, the rain is getting bigger and bigger, and there is no sign of stopping.ey!" I complained. My parents are on a business trip, so today my aunt took a taxi and picked me up Very Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. I went downstairs and found that my aunt hadn't come yet Marlboro 100'S Online. I suddenly realized that she didn't know the specific location of learning and thinking! I had no choice but to decide to go in the direction of the road. I rolled up my trousers, propped up the umbrella, and walked down the steps. The ice-scarred rain didn't pass my feet, I couldn't help but chill. One after another, the cold wind rushed to me. It seemed that I had to wrap my umbrella with me. I took a nap and hurriedly took the umbrella and stood firm. "Yu Tong! Why didn't the parents pick it up? "I turned back and found out that it was Teacher Tan. I smiled and whispered. "My parents haven't come yet!" "Oh?" He frowned. "Where is it? The rain is so big, Still so cold, what do you do?" he asked with concern. "Haha, how old I am, nothing!" I said with ease. "How can I be assured of this big black day!" "Go ahead! Nothing is ok!" Actually, I don't want the teacher to accompany me, I am courageous, the night is so dark, I am really scared! But yesterday, Teacher Tan was already raining. Today, I can't let him wait with me anyway. After listening to me, he thought for a while and shook his head firmly. "I am gone, rest assured, I am fine!" After that, I ran straight to the direction of the road.ood alone by the road waiting for the rain, the rain hit my clothes, and I ran down my cheeks, without the umbrella of the umbrella, even if I wiped the rain on my face, but a few seconds Rain drops will fall on it, and drying it will not help. In the distance, a yellow lightning bolt like a sharp sword, straight down from the air to the ground, I was scared and cried anxiously. Tears and rain, my vision is blurred. "Yu Tong, have you found a parent?" Teacher Tan anxiously asked on the phone, "Where are you, I am going to find you!" I was scared, very lonely, but after a moment of hesitation, I decided not to let Teacher Tan. Come. "You don't care about me, you are on the bus!" "Where are you?" he asked. "No! Get on the bus, wait until I find a parent to call you." My tone is very firm. After all, hurriedly hung up the phone.utes, twenty minutes, every minute and every second is a torment for me. Although Teacher Tan kept calling, I didn't pick it up. I really didn't want to hurt him. After all, today's day is not ordinary cold. Finally, the Emperor paid off and the aunt found me. My hands are frozen and the clothes are soaked, and every step of the body is extremely difficult, and my head is straight. I stumbled on the car and suddenly remembered something and quickly took out my mobile phone. "Teacher, I got on the bus!" I said weakly. "Oh!" He breathed a sigh of relief Newports For Cheap. "That's good, I can safely get on the bus!" At that moment, a line of tears poured out. "You, you didn't get on the bus?" I choked Marlboro Red Cigarettes Online. "You don't care about me, go home and take a hot bath, don't catch a cold! Bye
At that moment, my heart trembled. I feel incredibly warm, even the stiff arm is warm... a high fever and he also had a fever.

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