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n my hometown of Daisy, there is such a place that is fascinating - Shuixi Park. yin Pavilion, the predecessor of Shuixi Park, was built in the Ming Dynasty. It was destroyed several times by the soldiers Cheap Smokes Online Free Shipping, destroyed by fire, and destroyed several times. The last time it was repaired in the early years of the Republic of China, the hand of Mr. Jiang Yanxi, who followed the Sun Yat-sen revolution in the county Repairs, open tours, and many viewers. Later, in the 27th year of the Republic of China (1938), equipment was added to expand the scenic spot and changed to "Shuixi Park". What year was it built in the Ming Dynasty? The inscription is lost. Some people have been based on the "Zhengde Remnant Clock" that is still hanging in the "Wen Zhongting" on the side of Guanyin Pavilion. It has been more than 500 years since. On February 19th, June 19th and September 19th of the lunar calendar, the devout men and women in the Guanyin Pavilion hold a Guanyin meeting, burn incense, eat vegetarian food Cheap Discount Cigarettes Free Shipping, and lively!ent Shuixi Park is beautiful and beautiful Cheap Carton Of Newport 100S, covering an area of ??60,000 square meters. In the Yuan Dynasty, the tomb of the heroine of the Yi nationality was buried in the Yuan Dynasty. The long history was precipitated. In the park, Guanyin Pavilion, Zhengde Remnant Clock, Guanwen Tower, Qianlong Yuci Shangshufang, Daoguang Period Wuzhengliang Temple Monument were left. Guanyin Pavilion, Dongshan Temple poetry monument and other historical relics. The park has been continuously renovated, and new triangular pavilions, to Siting, Banshan Pavilion, Hetang Stone Bridge, Yuchi, Du Fu Pavilion and other buildings have been built. The mountain is surrounded by water, the ancient trees are vigorous, quiet and elegant. ��Every time before the flower, the singer and the singer are in the middle of it�� is a tourist attraction that can be both entertaining and looking forward to history.iends, come and experience this unique landscape culture and enjoy a tour of this beautiful Water West Park! In the golden autumn season Cigarettes Online Cheap Free Shipping, we follow the autumn wind, in the golden sun, together to find the change of autumn.n is the season that children think is the most difficult. There is neither summer water nor winter ice. But I always think that autumn is a wonderful season.ing the early autumn wind, I got up. Open the window, smell the breath, autumn, the ripe fragrance of the fruit floats in the air. In autumn, it is the most beautiful country. Follow the bus to the village. Get off the car, the smell of the harvest is coming, and the fragrance is four miles. The path leading to the hometown has already fallen on the maple leaf. The fiery red maple leaves are parked on the path, and the sound of the "squeaky" sounds like a singing voice. Although it is not pleasant, it is very interesting. After walking for a while, I heard the sound of the brook "������" makes people listen very comfortable. There has always been a scent in the air, looking out into the fields. So beautiful, this is the first impression I gave, look! The sorghum in the distance is red, the adult who wants to drink alcohol Cartons Of Newport 100S, or like a shy child. There are so many wheat ears. It seems that the mountains are everywhere, and the golden tassels are blown by the wind with a slight wind, like a dancer with great skills. Apple has a tempting aroma, and the red shiny skin makes people feel excited. This autumn beauty is beautiful. autumn is wrapped in silver, it is beautiful, and it makes people feel refreshed. So I like autumn.n is not so boring, you can fly a kite. Look, how beautiful it is to have a nice butterfly kite running on the vast expanse of grass! Blowing the autumn wind, not cold or hot, very warm, the kite is also very high.act, I really love autumn, autumn is really beautiful, not because there are many people who use gorgeous words to describe, I love autumn.

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