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BRASILIA Authentic Brock Nelson Jersey , July 15 (Xinhua) -- Brazil's Chamber of Deputies on Friday postponed a key vote on President Michel Temer's hold on the nation's top office.

A minimum of 51 deputies were required to attend the hearing of a commission report which recommends dropping the corruption charges against Temer.

Lawmakers were supposed to vote to accept or reject its findings, with the latter paving way for the Federal Supreme Court (STF) to pursue the allegations of graft.

Only 19 deputies showed up, and the report failed to be heard due to a lack of quorum.

Chamber President Rodrigo Maia said the report will be debated at a plenary session of the lower house on Aug 2, during which at least two-thirds of the body, or 342 of the 513 deputies, must vote in favor of a measure for it to go forward.

The report, drafted by the chamber's Commission on Constitution, Justice and Citizenship (CCJ), was passed with a 41 to 24 vote on Thursday, right after the repeal of an earlier report warning of "serious indications" of corruption.

Concerning the original report could lead to Temer facing trial, the government replaced the commission members who were inclined to vote against him, in what appeared to be a lawful move.

Temer has been accused of soliciting bribes from the private sector in exchange for state benefits such as government loans and contracts.

France's Macron honors U.S. forces in Bastille day celebration

Heavy rain causes waterlogging in Yongji, China's Jilin

Verizon IndyCar Series kicks off in Toronto

Highlights of men's singles semis at Wimbledon

Chinese aircraft carrier formation conducts coordination training

Lotus flowers blossom at ancient town in SW China

Aerial photos show Hukou Waterfall of Yellow River

Special treat to cool off animals at Beijing Zoo

The largemouth bass, specifically in the United States of America, is a very popular fish that fishermen go after each and every year for both sport and as a hobby. If you enjoy fishing, you might think twice however about going after this fish as it is very hard to locate and catch. Bass fishing skills and tips will be in this article so that you can hopefully catch one soon.

You can catch bass using many types of bait, and you can try different varieties and find out which get you the best results. Crawfish and worms are what bass mainly feed on, so lures that look like those species are used quite often to catch them. As a newcomer to the sport of bass fishing, the simplest kind of bait to use is plastic worms.

The crankbait lure resembles a crawfish, which is one of the main food sources for bass, so that lure is very popular to use to in bass fishing. A lure called spinnerbait because of its spinning metal blades is also another kind of lure used in bass fishing. Because the movement imitates that of small fish, the bass will think there is food nearby.

Fishermen often wear sunglasses and hats for practical reasons, they aren’t trying to make a fashion statement. You can become sensitive to glare if you are on the water all day, even on those days that don’t seem that bright. This can be prevented with the wearing of polarized sunglasses. With them you can see beneath the surface and be able to see what’s happening better. The wraparound style or the style that has the side shields are the best polarized sunglasses to get. A hat with a long brim can also help you avoid the sun’s glare and give you an edge when looking into the water.

Large mouth bass are almost always the focus of people that go bass fishing, specifically anglers that are dedicated to this particular sport. Some of the best places to fish for large mouth bass are in southern Georgia and Florida, although they are available throughout America. Another type of bass, small mouth bass, is also plentiful in several North American locations. Small mouth bass have the reputation for being much more elusive than largemouth bass; this may be because they are more aware of boats and fishermen on the water. These fish also prefer clear water making your approach easier for them to see you. Fishing for these bass requires stealth movements to be successful.

Bass fishing offers up its challenges and can be an interesting and diverse as seen in this article. Don’t expect to catch hundreds of fish the first few times you go fishing if you are a beginner. Try to focus on enjoying the experience and learning, apart from the results you get. With time, you will understand where to find the fish and they’ll start biting.

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Exam C_HANAIMP_11: SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP HANA (Edition 2016)
The exam C_HANAIMP_11, titled as SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP HANA (Edition 2016), is organized and conducted by SAP HANA. It is a 180 minute exam, during which the candidates need to attempt a total of 80 questions. The exam is administered in English, Japanese, simple Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. In order to secure the SAP Associate Certification, the candidates need to score 57% or above. Even though the format of the questions is not fixed, the topic areas on which the questions will be based are as follows:
SAP HANA Infrastructure and Modeling Functions:
The candidates need to be able to connect tables, create dimensions and hierarchies, filter data, implement currency conversion, use SQL script and procedures, and virtualize and optimizecalso need to be capable of implementing key concepts of SAP HANA, introduce data into SAP HANA, consume information models, and run applications. Being able to do can earn the candidates up to 24% of the total exam marks. C_HANAIMP_11
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