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KHARTOUM Black Zane Gonzalez Jersey , Aug 6 (Xinhua) -- Sudan's election committee on Wednesday announced that the country's general elections are set to start on April 2015, as the opposition parties called for the formation of a transitional government to supervise amendments to the constitution before the polls.

"The general elections in Sudan will begin on April 2, 2015," said Mukhtar Al-Asam, chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC), at a press conference, adding that the elections would be held at 7,100 polling stations.

Al-Asam reiterated that the NEC would work to involve all Sudanese political parties in the elections.

Reacting to the announcement, the opposition National Umma Party (NUP) Secretary General Sarah Nugdalla said that her party will work to form an alliance with other opposition parties to ensure the political freedom and the release of all political prisoners.

Some Sudanese political opposition parties have previously demanded that the elections be postponed and a transitional government be formed to resolve what they said a crisis in the country.

Late last June the Sudanese parliament approved amendments to election laws, which were boycotted for being regarded by the oppositions as moves to pave the way elections.

In 2010, the first multi-party elections in almost 24 years were held in which the ruling National Congress Party (NCP), led by Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, made a victory. However, the opposition parties doubted the elections' fairness.

The ruling NCP is yet to name its candidate at a time when al- Bashir has stated in many occasions that he would not run for another term.

The public debate around carbon emissions and climate change is very much in the public domain, and most folks are really aware of the relevant factors. I’m sure there are folks who, despite feeling a strong urge to lend assistance, are in the dark about how to go about it. Well, you don’t have to go out saving whales or putting out forest fires to help, you just need to simply follow several simple tips to make a difference! What follows are some of the things you can do to contribute.

1. Always use your laptop, not a desktop.
Many people use computers nowadays for a number of reasons. Since laptops are fifty percent more energy efficient, always look to use a laptop instead of a typical desktop PC. And, if you need reminding, laptops are more inexpensive, and you can take one along wherever work takes you.

2. Try not to drive, walk
Cars and pollution are go together in my mind. The combustion of petrol makes an automobile run, but a byproduct is carbon dioxide and other deadly fumes released into the air. The volume of gases from automobiles poisoning the atmosphere everyday is great, given the vast number of cars in use around the world. By choosing to walk and not drive, we can reduce the extent of damaging emissions. Try to walk whenever you can, but don’t beat yourself up if it’s not. Any brief trips by car can perhabs be replaced by walking without any real consequence. Walking can clear up your head, good for your health as well as that of the planet, and save you a little money in the process.

3. Try not to leave the faucet running when you’re brushing your teeth
Since water is just a turn of the faucet away, we use it thoughtlessly, and waste a lot as we do so. Keeping the faucet turned on while you are brushing your teeth does not help save water. It’s a huge amount of water that runs out of the tap in the two minutes of brushing your teeth. A good idea is to simply fill a cup with water and use that to rinse your mouth out since less water goes to waste.

4. Don’t bath, take short showers
Taking a shower utilizes less energy and water than taking a bath, so choose to shower. Nevertheless, this doesn’t apply if your showers are 20 minutes long! If you are not able to make your shower quick, it might be more wasteful than having a bath.

5. Remember to switch off the lights
If you are not going to be back in a room for more than 5 minutes, avoid leaving the light switched on. If a room is vacant, what is the purpose of leaving a light turned on? Doing this is not merely beneficial to the environment, but also to your bank account. When there’s sunlight outside, avoid using inside lights because the sunlight will provide lots of light to your house.

Adopting these helpful tips won’t cost you a penny. In fact, they’ll probably save you money. So answer the invitation – start living green.

Aside from information about Green Living, this author also publishes articles regarding a variety of topics such as home improvement

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